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Mar 31, 2011
Hey everyone,
I'm 37 years old, live in a small town called Fleetwood in North-West England. I'm married, but going through separation at the moment. It's cool, my wife and I are still good buddies and we don't have kids so everything is pretty mellow on that score.
I'm a musician by hobby, and an energy consultant at work. That means I arrange energy contracts for businesses and help them reduce energy consumption through engineering solutions.
Music is my favourite thing, closely followed by literature. I play the guitar and tend to play a lot of punk songs in a very mellow acoustic, folky vibe. It's good for laughs and sometimes can actually work OK as well. Here is my slowed-down folk version of the Sex Pistol's 'Anarchy in the UK'.
Anarchy in the UK
I also play ukulele, and on that I do jazz, swing and blues tunes. I don't have a recorded example to share as yet, but maybe sometime I should try and record my ukulele version of 'Fly Me To The Moon', it's a lot of fun to play!
Anyway, good to hang out here and read your stories and introductions. Who wants a beer?



Mar 9, 2010
Welcome aboard! Somehow a Uke version of the Irish Drinking Song by The Dropkick Murphys just sounds too cool!



Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 17, 2011
Well I'll weigh in here I suppose.
I'm 24 years old since the 10th of this March (did you know that to the Romans March was originally the start of the year?) and presently a bum musician. I play two (well three if the cigar box guitar counts) instruments with a good measure of skill and those are the guitar and bass. I can also play (to some extent) the didgeridoo, the violin, and keyboards.
If all goes to plan this year I'll be starting school to become an electronics engineer. I love to work on electronics though I find myself frustrated easily when I've been working on the same circuit for hours. Regardless of that I'd like to have a good knowledge of electronics and to create my own circuits and to work in an interesting field.
When I want to relax I like to work with wood. Working with hand tools is a love of mine but I won't turn down a power tool for the convenience. I habitually make things and love smelling like sawdust after a project is underway. My most recent build was a cigar box guitar and I'm already thinking of what I'll do better on the next one.
I'm a long time gamer and have been playing them since I was 6 years old. My dad taught me to do all I needed in DOS and the rest is history. The first computer that I could call my own was an Apple IIe and I loved that thing.
I do also love to read a good book. I honestly won't often be seen reading what people would call "literature" but I do occasionally. I'll often be seen reading fantasy novels particularly Forgotten Realms because I do love D'n'D. Ed Greenwood is one of my favourites but I won't turn down R.A. Salvatore. The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist is also one of my favourites and I really love the universe he's created.
No wife or woman for me I am a bachelor. I'm definitely not a "player" though as I'm far too eccentric and strange to succeed at that.
Random facts now I suppose.
I'm a metalhead through and through but as some of you may have realized I also have widely varied tastes.
I've been pierced four times and still have them.
I've got two dogs, Boo and Ivan, and they are hilarious.
I have five guitars one of which is acoustic and one that is a cigar box and two basses (a four string J.K. Lado and a five string Ibanez GSR 205).
I haven't cut my hair since I was 16.
Haha well that should be enough I suppose.



Dec 10, 2010
Hi all,guess i'l put in too. My name is Gary and just turned 54 the first of March. I've lurked here for a while but never posted. Been enjoying a pipe for about 6 months now after a long break. Got back into it full bore and am up to 10 pipes in my collection.Decided I wanted to try pipe making too. Am almost done with my first effort. Will post pics when finished. I enjoy hunting,fishing,woodworking (built a 14ft rowboat last year) and picking my banjo(not too well). I live in Western Maryland,Garrett County. I ran a boot and shoe repair shop for about 20 years until it got too hard to continue. I now work maintenance for a local business.Been married for 12 years and take care of our 3 grandkids. I enjoy everything about pipes and it was so great to find this site and all who contribute their knowledge about this hobby.

Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
Ha, completely missed this one, but here goes...
Name is Shaun, I'm 32 years old as of March 1. I live in in Flowery Branch, GA, where the Falcons' training camp resides. However, I am called a damn yankee because I was born and raised in/around Dayton, OH and moved here when I was 17. Southern hospitality at that age is way different than what most would expect. I was a metal-head gothic kid way out of my environment.
I'll have been married 12 years this July and have a pretty full household. 3 kids, 2 boys, 1 girl, 3 female dogs, 2 male cats, and a pair of diamond doves. Most would look at my kids and see them as being my biological children, however, we adopted a sibling group from the state program and have been what we call a "forever family" since 2009.
I've been smoking a pipe since I was 23 and love every moment I can with a good bowl of tobacco. I couldn't play an instrument to save my life, but I have enjoyed writing poetry, short stories, and articles. I've dabbled in wood working and pipe restoration over the past few years and am now trying to get more involved into the tobacco business. I'm currently unemployed due to company layoff in a reorganization. Was with the company for just under 10 years. While I'm searching for employment, I'm also working on going back to school for business administration/project management. Eventually, I want to open my own pipe/cigar pub where people can enjoy their tobacco, company, and a fine drink.
I think that's about all for now. :puffy:



Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 17, 2011
Heck it just occurred to me that I didn't mention where I was born. Everyone else has so I may as well.
Well before I start this I'll tell you that my dad is an engineer and worked for the Department of Transportation and that's why we moved so much.

I was born in Sudbury, Ontario and only lived there for the first three years of my life. Then the family moved up to Cambridge Bay in what was then the NWT. From there we went to Inuvik, then to Fort Smith, then to Hay River, there my parents separated and I went with my mum to Yellowknife. Now I'm back in Ontario living in Oshawa. It's been quite a journey. :lol:



Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Welcome Bazzyt, that was fun! I think you are the first to put a sound track on here of a personal performance. :clap:
I have one request... when you tell someone that you play the ukulele that you be sure to pronounce it correctly. I'm no good at phonetics but here goes. Oo'-koo-lay-lay

It's just a pet peeve of mine.



Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 2, 2011
Well I’ll toss my fractured bio into the ring. I am 49, been married for almost 24 years, and have three children (16, 19, and 21), and three dogs (2 Queensland Heelers, and a lab). I currently reside in Cedar Rapids Iowa, recently relocating here from Phoenix AZ in August 2010.
My interests include woodworking, gardening, tinkering with electronics, model railroading, radio control airplanes, shooting, fishing, and (big surprise) pipes.
My academic endeavors have taken me through two associate degrees (Electronics and Law), a BS Degree in Computer Science, and a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering. I am currently getting ready to take the plunge and begin work on my PhD.
Even though I did relatively well in band (played an Alto Sax) in both high school and college, I really have no musical talent apart from being able to turn on the radio, or CD player.
My working life has been an interesting path, maybe better viewed as a winding mountain road. During part of my college years I worked as a locksmith before getting hired as a programmer for a major aerospace avionics company in Phx AZ while I finished my degree. I remained with that company for nearly 15 years, except for a one year break when I worked for another aerospace company, in Cedar Rapids IA, earned several patents, and had several papers and portions of two text books published. While working as engineer I also taught college part-time, teaching Calculus, College Algebra, Discrete Math, Assembly Language Programming, and C++ Programming.
Finding myself a little burned out with engineering, I took a break from engineering for a few years and worked as a Deputy Sheriff for a Sheriff’s Office in AZ working my way to detective. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office I worked patrol, Special Assignment Unit (SAU), Organized Crime, Human Smuggling and Immigration, got my EMT certification, Phlebotomy Certification (draw blood), and got cross certified as and ICE officer (287g). I earned several accommodations and citations working in those various assignments.
Then last August I accepted an avionics system engineering position back in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and after 10 years with the Sheriff’s Office I resigned, and moved the family back to the Midwest and returned to the engineering world. I honestly miss being in law enforcement, but sad to say, money has a way of changing your perspectives.
I have been smoking a pipe since 1981, only in the past couple years more seriously exploring pipe collecting and trying more blends of tobacco than the handful I had used for years.
Anything I missed, please ask. :puffpipe:

May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
26 years old living in Las Vegas. Currently unemployed as I work for the Local 525 Plumber/Pipefitter's Union. I love all kinds of music from rap to country, but mostly into hard rock. I've played ice hockey ever since I was about 7. Been smoking pipes on and off since I was 18, until last year it was mostly off though. Right now I'm just huge into playing pick up hockey, fooling around on my guitar, going to apprenticeship school, and smoking my pipes.



Oct 20, 2010
Ichbinmuede, like you I have been pierced many times. But now that I am older and wiser (?) it doesn't happen near as often. Mostly the scars are on my hands, knees, and feet. I have found that thinking carefully before making a cut helps to avoid the loss of blood. It is difficult to sand blood off a woodworking project.



Can't Leave
Jan 3, 2011
Hey Gecko13: Read my post under the thread New Career?. I've done police work for 15 years as an avocation and agree with your love of law enforcement. Too bad we don't live closer together because I always wanted to start a private security company. The two of us could make a go of outsourcing alarm response service to county police departments, make a ton of money and be our own supervisors. The sign on my office door would read "Caution,beware of armed pipesmoker".



Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 28, 2011
Hello all! My name is Jon and I'm 27 (28 a week from tomorrow). I'm a bartender in Atlanta and I've been doing it for 8 years now. I was born in Marietta, GA and grew up in Douglasville, GA. I moved to Atlanta for the second time 4 years ago. I've attended 3 universities (West Georgia, Southern Polytechnic, and Georgia Tech) and, for the most part, I have a degree in Technical Communication. I thought I'd have a career by now but with the economy in shambles I've found it difficult to find one.
I have one child, a son, that is 2 years old and lives with his mother in Florida. I also have a dog named Misty that is some mix of Black Lab and Border Collie (I think). I have no particular lady in my life right now but I would not be opposed to that in any way. My passions include music (rock, underground hip hop, jazz, classical, metal), pipes, and sports. I'm a huge sports fan! I follow all of the Atlanta pro teams and I'm also an avid Georgia Tech fan. I played football, baseball, and tennis in high school and I still actively play tennis in a league here in Atlanta.
I like to think of myself as an intellect of sorts but I'm probably way off on that. I have recently gotten back into reading and I regularly read up on random math principles and ideas. I even have a tattoo of the Golden Ration. I've been pipe smoking for just about 2 years now and I greatly enjoy it.

Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
Lol, piercings and tattoos, forgot about stating those. I have 3 tats, 1 piercing.
gecko, you sound like you've had a lot of experiences. I've contemplated law enforcement as well, but I do know that they would require me to lose weight before I could be accepted, which is something I want to do anyway, lol.



Can't Leave
Dec 13, 2010
Newberry, SC
I'm Larry, 49 years old Disabled with PTSD from military and chronic anxiety.

I have a small hobby farm... mostly for pleasure with fruit and nut trees. The annual vegetable garden.

I'm a painter, sketcher in my spare time.

I've been smoking a pipe since 1982. I served in the military, army, from 1982 till March of 1991.

Religiously, I'm eclectic other. I'm a also tied spiritually with being a Holistic Health Practitioner, I specialize in energy work. It's taken me from being bed-ridden disabled in '99 to where I can do some light farm work now.

My picture contribution.. just for fun:




Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 13, 2011
Jeremiah here.  35 years old.  Born a spoiled brat in Wickford, Rhode Island and spent summers in Nantucket, Mass.  However, after some familial run-ins with the IRS, we moved to Houston where my father became a police officer.
On the day I was old enough, I packed a duffel bag with and left home to sail up and down the east coast as crew on various boats.  Sailed a 56' catamaran, 158' schooner, 105' brig, etc.  Helluva life for a 19-year-old.
After a while, academia began its siren call, so I left the sailing life behind and traveled high into the mountains to attend Utah State University. My official major was "Apparel Merchandising," which translates to, "hang out with the hottest girls on campus for 4 years, end up with nigh useless degree."  My unofficial majors were snowboarding, rock climbing, and bootlegging booze in from Idaho.
After college I bounced around a bit.  Event producer in Baltimore/D.C.  J. Crew sales.  Worked at a record shop for a while.  Nothing too serious.
Eventually I made my way back to Houston and started work at my family's company as a lowly file room clerk.  Learned the medical billing business and made my way up the ladder.  Now I'm the Systems Administrator and handle things like setting up SFTP servers, creating VPNs to various hospital systems, and attempting to keep all the hardware in the office in some semblance of working order.
I also became a columnist for a magazine published in Houston, Dallas and Austin.  Not much pay, but provided me access to tons of parties, got me into the Red Bull Flugtag a few years ago, and allowed me to meet David Sedaris, a bunch of the Houston Astros, Carolina Herrera, System of a Down, and Naomi Campbell, to name a few.
Then, on the night of my 33rd birthday gala, I happened to woo a lovely young schoolteacher  (I think it was the ball pit, lawn sprinkler toys, and keg of Lone Star that lured her in), and we ended up getting married this past July.
We currently live in a townhouse in the city, but we purchased our first home about a month ago and will move out to Fulshear, TX as soon as it's built.
Very nice to meet you all.
Oh, and here are some pics for hobie.

"Jib" and me in the aforementioned ball pit, just hours before we would meet my wife.

Me at the Red Bull Flugtag in Austin.

Naomi Campbell and me

Ladies love goatleggings. Who knew?

Day of our wedding, out in the vineyard

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