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Jan 28, 2018
Sarasota, FL
My pipes are either in my 36 count Savinelli Burl Wood case that has tinted glass and holes on each side si it can breath. I got it around 2000. It had a retail of over 1000,00. I traded a box of Trinidad Fundadores that I was into for 292.00. This was before the Euro so Pesetas were used. I was buying loads of Cuban from SPain back then..I offered the trini's he gave me the cabinet. Over the years I have built about it with a 12 count warck on top of the Sav and then I have a bunch of 6 count cheapie wracks that are all over the place. Here is a pic, sorry for the poor quality.
View attachment 30906

Has the pleasure of seeing it in person several times. The Rad collection alone is to die for.


Jan 9, 2015
Here is where I keep most of my collection, it’s a mahogany secretary desk made in England around 1940.

View attachment 30928

Ken Lamb’s standard 60 pipe rack just happened to fit in the upper section perfectly:

View attachment 30929

On the top level to the left there are a couple of Ryan Aldens, older Dunhills, a Kent Rasmussen, and my V&N’s As you move to the right.

Second level is Dunhills on the left, Castellos on the right.

Third level is all Castello.

Fourth level is Upshalls on the left, Ken Barnes in the middle, and Ashton on the right.

Bottom level is all Jesse Jones except for two MarTelos and a Nate King on the left.

and here’s the less organized part of my collection next to my chair:

View attachment 30932

Fantastic pipes & rack.