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Nov 26, 2018
Problem is, you are looking for things that pipe and pipe tobacco can't provide. You are looking for a few minutes of smoke from a pipe. You get your gear out and pack your pipe and the precious few minutes are gone. Let say you pack the pipe already. You go to your smoking area, light the pipe, arrange the ember, take a drag and it's done.

But, there is a possible work around. Pack the pipe, smoke it in advance few hours before, and carry it that way. When you are ready to smoke, just relight and take few drags and tamp it to stop the light. Carry it till next smoke break.

Briar Tuck

Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 29, 2022
Oregon coast
When I started, everyone wanted Marlboro Reds... you know, cowboy killers. Then in grad school, Camel started doing those Camel Bucks and giving away free smoker stuff... so we all went Camel Lights. Also, because the Reds all made us develop a cough, and Camel Lights seemed healthier, ha ha.
Marlboro Reds were the king back in my childhood when I was smoking. When I lived in Germany those things were worth their weight in gold. I had friends who would buy them on base and sell them on the black market through a local gasthaus. They never had to pay for drinks.

K.E. Powell

Starting to Get Obsessed
Aug 20, 2022
West Virginia
I'd argue that Cosmo had the right of it by suggesting using a smaller pipe, a smaller amount of tobacco, or just finishing the tobacco later. But if you got to get a smoke in, then a lot of the burley-based codger blends are your best bet. Something like Sir Walter Raleigh. These blends tend to be cut very fine, are dry, and are very mellow, so there is less chance of bite if you decide to puff. Just avoid the more heavily cased/topped ones.

I occasionally find myself tempted to do so, and when I do, SWR is my go to. But 95% of the time, if I can't get at least 20 minutes to myself, I won't even bother with it. My pipe is a tool not just for sake of flavor and nicotine, though I enjoy both, but also to cultivate calm and thinking, two things that cannot be rushed. I make it a point to try to smoke by myself or only in good company. I don't mind if a stranger wants to ask me about my pipe; hell, I welcome it if they are polite and genuinely curious. But I prefer to enjoy my smoke on my own terms and without question or judgment.


Can't Leave
Nov 28, 2011
Shag burns quick if packed gently. A small bowl is another solution. However, yet another solution is to smoke as much of the bowl as you have time for and then put the pipe out with a tamper or your finger, roll up a pipe cleaner in a spiral circle (if you get my drift) stuff it into the pipe to keep from spilling the remaining tobacco and put the pipe away until you are ready to re-light at a later time. One of the things that I love with pipe smoking over cigars is that I can put a pipe out or let it go out and relight it later without affecting the flavor. I have relit a pipe the next day even, and finished an enjoyable smoke. I do not have the pallet of some members here so take this as my opinion only. Make sure the pipe is completely out before stuffing the pipe cleaner in, of course.


Oct 2, 2018
Chesterfield, UK
As former cigarettes addict I know the urge to have a short smoke very well.

I’ve got several small to medium bowls to fit in the scenario.

One is a MM Short Stop really small bowl smoked fast up from five to ten minutes. I load it with any tobacco that does not bite even when puffed like choo- choo- train. Here I loaded it with some rope from Samuel Gawith black xx.

View attachment 197093

Another way is to follow the Delayed Gratification Concept, described here:

In short you smoke a bowl only part wise.
@UB 40 My Old Dominion Jamestown clay has a small bowl; I was smoking GH brown twist in it at the Battle of Nantwich last weekend.


Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
Totally doable and no need to singe your tongue. I've done it plenty of times—not all of us have HOURS to sit down and smoke, nor are we all clenchers that can work and smoke simultaneously. Many times I have to finish a bowl within the inside of 25 minutes.

It's more about the type of cut here, really.

Go for a very fine ribbon cut: these will smoke fast in small to medium sized bowls, like a prince shape, or cobs like the Eaton and the Morgan from Missouri Meerschaum.

When you have more time, you can smoke thicker cuts. And when you have tons of time, smoke flakes.

PS: if suggestions suggested fail, you can always buy a Quixx or a Savinelli Minuto.