IPSD 2021

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Jun 22, 2015


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Mar 6, 2018
After this rough week in Houston (only one busted pipe with no damage but friends did not fair as well) I decided I'd treat myself on IPSD and dip into the McClelland stash. I have only have a few tins but worth the occasion, plus I get to smoke my mostly MC dedicated Trevor Talbert Ligne Bretagne pipe which smokes so well.

I went with one that I have never tried, VA 27, aged around 4 years. I thought it was shag cut but on closer inspection (and after opening the tin) it reads a shag cut flake which I had never had seen before. Tin note has only a feint fermented smell and the color on the tobacco is beautiful. I only needed to pull the top flake off to fill the bowl, folded and stuffed right out of the tin (perfect moisture).

The flavor is what I think of as warm and simply tobacco. It's good and oddly enough very similar to my aged Union Square. It's good but I won't lament when I smoke it all down. This bowl has evolved a bit as I write this review and the back half is more tasty than the first.

Happy IPSD everyone and stay warm! Check on your friends in Texas as there are definite hurdles to overcome in the next few weeks after this freeze.


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Feb 15, 2011
Happy IPSD to all the brothers and sisters out there.
no special gatherin' here other than the normal step into the garage cave
or outdoor to lite up. today i'll be rotating 2 Indian Corn Cobs with Bamboo Cane
stem and a Peterson Canadian 264. As a special treat I'll crack open a McClelland's tin of something.
again, hope all have a great day, Yogi says hello, Boo Boo too.
"the best Antiques are Old Friends"


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Aug 1, 2018
I'm getting set up for my celebratory IPSD "special" smoke, which I have decided will be some 2014 Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls in a Lorenzo Spitfire Adria. I haven't opened this jar for almost a year, it smells fantastic, deeply fruity and sweet, like prunes, raisins, and dates. The coins have gotten noticeably darker.

I hope everyone is having a good pipey day, smoke 'em if ya got 'em.



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Jun 6, 2017
Today is our first full day above freezing in over a week, so I'm conducting post event activities.

I lost 16 gallons of water overnight, according to the water meter, so I'm looking around for the cause.

The only smoking I've had over the last 8 days was 4 cigars in the vehicle, so I'm definitely ready for a nice pipe.

Pulled a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread from the bread machine and made French Toast from it for breakfast.

Now having black tea and thinking some Stonehenge in the Peterson Tankard may improve my outlook.

Happy IPSD to all.



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Jun 15, 2013
I probably shouldn't tell you that it's breezy and in the mid 60's here. The air is beautifully clear. Perfect weather for enjoying a bowl of really good Red Virginia that a friend sent me after he processed the whole leaf that he bought. Unlike most home brew, this one really kicks ass.

I observed IPSD by ordering a mountain of pipe cleaners and a few pouches of St Bruno. I wish you all a happy IPSD.


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Feb 21, 2013
Did my two mile loop around the neighborhood in a brisk winter breeze. My wife is doing a pork roast for a late supper and maybe some cheese sandwiches for now. Bills to work on, and then maybe another round with our audio book. I haven't settled on a pipe and blend, but all in good time.

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