Hawai’i Ban on Shipping

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Can't Leave
Mar 15, 2023
Olympia, Washington
I just got off the phone today, and spoke to one of the heads of the Tax Department.

Fact, tobacco is not illegal to ship to Hawaii.

A business in the Continental USA, needs a GE & Tobacco License.

GE is $20 a year and Tobacco License $50 a year.

Also, a consumer can file a yearly M110 form, and pay the taxes on their end. If a consumer files the M110, then a business does not have to get a GE and Tax License if they want to leave it up to consumers.
Wow that's pretty cheap and a single customer could easily make that profitable for them several times over. Most states will mail bans don't even have that option.
Wow SC only a 5% GE, Hawaii’s 70% is just ridiculous... :(
It's like 95% in Washington even though cigars are capped at a sensible 65 cents a stick.
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Aug 16, 2023
Thanks for all this info!! Has anyone found an online shop willing to ship to Hawaii yet?

Buying online still works out cheaper and the availability, than a smoke shop where I live.
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