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Mar 23, 2023
Livonia, MI
This is Zoey (taking a selfie, or so it looks).signal-2022-02-03-17-51-44-168.jpg
A college friend and I found her as a scared kitten in our backyard 11ish years ago. The kind cat lady next door actually succeeded in catching her. About the same time she also had found another kitten at work. Long story short we got both of them when they got a little older. After a move though they became territorial but my friend was not ready to give one to just anyone. When my wife hinted at being open to getting a cat a couple years ago, I knew just the one. She's been following us around ever since desiring head scratches and laps. Both cats are much happier now having their own houses.IMG_20221201_222110.jpg


Feb 21, 2013
The basic cat "design" has been wonderfully adaptable. Cat species have adapted in a range sizes, some much larger than the largest cats today (lions and tigers), down to some miniature insect eaters. They all have relatively short digestive tracts so must live mostly on protein rich prey. People, dogs, and bears, for example, are all omnivores and eat a variety of foods, but cats must have mostly meat. Plants are just eaten to scour out their insides or make them purge their stomaches. They can't get much nourishment from green plants or grains.

Cats live in nearly all altitudes and climates, even fairly far north and south getting into snowy areas. Lions and other large cats once lived in Europe and throughout the Americas.

Genetically, the domestic cat is about 99% genetically identical to the tiger, except in genes controlling size.

In a sense, cats domesticated people. They were drawn to human grain stores and the rodents the grain attracted, and then discovered that people could provide a direct food supply, companionship, excellent shelter and sleeping situations, safety from predators, not to mention medical care and amusing toys.

Cat etiquette is important to cats. People who don't look directly at them at first are seen as friendly and not stalking them. Cats want to make all the friendly moves, and then he people have a chance to reciprocate. Cats tend to choose their people first and can be ardent if they take a liking to a person or family. I've had a friend's cat snuggle up on my lap and chew on my ear out of affection. If they like you, they go all out.

A neighborhood cat left a present of a dead squirrel on the carport, so I dispatched the remains with a snow shovel into an wooded easement across the street. When the cat came back and saw it was gone, it assumed I had eaten the squirrel and came up and rubbed against my leg and accepted my gratitude. It was a beautiful cat but I haven't seen it since.

We have a full house with two adult cats, brothers, who are jealous of their peoples' attention even with each other.


Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 13, 2020
Adirondack Mountains
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 7, 2019
Our last indoor cat, Eros (large athletic) was my first pet.
One day he was being a cat and knocked a 12 pipe rack, filled with Dunhills, Savinelli Autographs, Catellos and a few commissions, off a 6’ dresser onto the hardwood floor.
The rack landed on top, breaking the shanks on all but one.
So no more inside animals.
We do feed/water a few semi-feral outdoor cats who are pretty good hunters. Help keep the moles/voles/gophers controlled.