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Can't Leave
Jun 15, 2022
Metro Detroit
Since there's a lot of dog love out there, here's some for our feline friends.

This is our boy Aki ( short for Akihito), bugger is a gargantuan goofball, but also the most loving cat.IMG_20220816_130753.jpg
Next is our ironically named Piper, we named her before I got into pipe smoking. She's skiddish, demanding and a ferocious cuddler, the cutest thing I've seen with four legs.IMG_20201115_083957-01.jpeg


Mar 7, 2013

The most wonderful, perfect-in-every-way, and deserving of adoration life form in the Universe (according to her, anyway):

PC234447 copy.JPG


What you see is what you get. 15 pound male, super chill, funny, loves to play. A "surfer dude" cat:

P5175848 copy.JPG

Neither of them is bothered by---or even pays attention to---pipe smoking in any way, shape, or form, and never has.


That's Nelly,I am honestly not a cat person(have 4 dogs)but my old neighbor in Alabama had outdoor cats and momma got pregnant and when my then 6yr old daughter saw them I knew one was coming home,lol. Go figure the cat decided I was her human and goes everywhere with me and if I sit down is right with me. We had her DNA tested and she is part something I don't remember and part Maine coon,loves everyone that comes over and has no fear(acts like my rottweiler).

Jul 26, 2021
I'm trying to upload pictures properly, so this is both a test and place to show Luci.

Luci isn't mine per se, but I clean up after her (like when she decided to puke on my bed at 3 am last week).

Stuck by seizures as a kitten, Luci outgrew whatever was effecting her, but likely lost a few years in the process. She also tolerates my toddler (most of the time) while the toddler learns about animals and does toddler things in the process.

Luci is an indoor cat and I'm an outdoor smoker. We get along most of the time, which is saying a lot because I don't always get along with myself.



Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
This is our new kitten Mila. Or as I call her KitKat. We were never going to get another cat after our first 3 left us. Then this tiny baby kitten hiked about 2 acres, in snow, to us. Had to take her home. I'm of course the only one she will lay on.

We aren't allowed to have anything on a table or counter, as it becomes a projectile. She also fetches. Her favorite toys are bouncy balls, and she will literally chase it, and bring it back to you, over and over. It's hilaroius.



Feb 21, 2013
Last time I posted one of our cats, it was Fred, this one's brother, so today, it's his lordship Lefty's turn. Fred is lanky and tiger striped, and Lefty is be-robed gray with many fades to cream color. They were a package deal at a pet store adoptathon, had to take 'em both. They were kittens, so it was a madhouse for months. Lefty tends to be corpulent, what I call a well-rounded cat. Fred owns me, follows me around and tucks me in at night. Lefty has always been the independent one, but my wife has gentled him some more and now he is almost snuggly like his brother. They were rescued from a drainpipe to keep them from drowning if it rained. Many tales of these fellas. It seems to me that we never domesticated cats, rather they domesticated us to their purposes. I never underestimate how much they know or how smart they are. You can sometimes see they are rather dim witted, and then you have to watch out because they aren't. I think these guys are part Maine Coon, but look pedigree.