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Searock Fan

Oct 22, 2021
While my wife and I have had many friendly felines (and canines too, we like both) in our family over the decades, I remember especially fondly the cat, Moby, I inherited as a bachelor in graduate school. This cat was a very big, black & white (tuxedo) cat with extra toes on each paw.

He was big, but he was very gentle and damn near as attentive as a dog as well. He would follow me around my apartment everywhere, and whenever I
sat he was immediately on my lap. If I laid down, he would instantly be sprawled out beside me.

Most of the time, when I would smoke my pipe, he did not take any particular notice. HOWEVER, one time, I blew a smoke ring….. and he was extremely intrigued and got up and started to paw at the “ring” trying to capture it as it floated in air.

When I saw that, I tried again, and he again tried to snag the “ring”. It soon became a bit of a common “parlor trick” I would show folks when they would visit. He always brought forth a bunch of smiles and laughs with his “trick”.
It's interesting that research has shown that cats like people better than they do other cats. cray


Can't Leave
Dec 29, 2020
Since there's a lot of dog love out there, here's some for our feline friends.

This is our boy Aki ( short for Akihito), bugger is a gargantuan goofball, but also the most loving cat.View attachment 167021
Next is our ironically named Piper, we named her before I got into pipe smoking. She's skiddish, demanding and a ferocious cuddler, the cutest thing I've seen with four legs.View attachment 167022
Beautiful babies 😺🍀


Can't Leave
Dec 29, 2020
Spur of the moment pic of 2 of 3 cats we have now that we er, ah, “acquired” by rescuing the mother (down low, right) from a pond with a shattered leg.

We suspect a neighbor hit her on the country road and tossed her in the pond for disposal.

Wife’s choice to pay a big vet bill and keep her gave us more than we were expecting.

View attachment 167224
You and your wife made St. Francis smile 🍀
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Dec 29, 2010
Pacific NW
These are my two little guys. The bicolor on the left was trapped on Mt Hood, where he had to feed and fend for himself, and did it well. He was probably abandoned. I'm almost certain he survived a coyote attack. Now he just LOVES being a house cat.

The black cat on the right was feral his first 4 months and spent a year in a shelter (thanks to the Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary!). We knew he got along with other cats but he wasn't too sure about people. Luckily he learned from his buddy that us bipeds are ok and he is friendly now.

They love to come out and sit with me on the deck when I smoke, in companionable silence. The black cat will even be waiting for me by the door when he sees me pack my pipe.



Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
Cats do unexpected things. Our Fred jumped on a smoked salmon wrapped in plastic, a Christmas gift, and surfed across the carpet the length of the room. Our Lefty was able to catch treats tossed to him between his paws and pop them in his mouth.

Amazing cat photos on this thread. Supposedly, "domestic" cats have 99 percent of the genetics of tigers. DiVinci called cats living art. Hemingway and Twain were known for their fondness for cats.