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Might Stick Around
Mar 14, 2020
As some of you may have seen from my previous post…. I’m really starting to enjoy VA’s, Va/Pe’s, and some VA/Bur’s. However, I’m finding that none of them are quite working for me, although the ones that got me started liking them are those that I purchased, smoked (didn’t like), and stored in a jar for the last 6-9 months, so just as everyone has said… aging does these blends a lot of good.

Do now that most, if not all, agree on aging Virginia blends… what’s the best you all recommend straight from a new tin. The #1 & 2 recommended ones will be ordered immediately. Please keep in mind… I’m just getting into Virginia’s, and while I don’t mind strong tobacco’s with great flavor, Right now I’m looking for something that smokes smooth and cool.
Well, good thoughts and good question on aging. I am a Vaper or pure VA enthusiast, but enjoy a good English or Scottish as well. One thing about VA or Vapers for me is that the cold and dry weather takes away some of the great taste, giving a flat smoke, even on 5 year aged FVF or Escudo. That is just me and I smoke in the 10- 20 degree weather outside! Blackhouse or Drucquer & Sons' Blairgowerie are for the cold days.

Out of the tin- I would prefer Escudo, Dan Salty Dogs Flake, or Sam Gawith St James flake. With age, I like Capstan Blue for a pure Va. Viprati is not a fave.
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May 2, 2018
Bucks County, PA
Pretty much any of the above. Some of them may benefit from aging, some of them won't.

It also depends on what you want to get out of the deal. Straight out of the tin varies with the manufacturer, with some tinned at a more ideal smoking moisture and others pretty wet, which tends to mute flavors, in my experience.

One that hasn't been mentioned is GLP Stratford, a very nice Va/Per, and GLP Haddo's Delight, which is a bit more polarizing, as it's not your grandpa's Va/Per. Another GLP Va/Per that I like is Telegraph Hill. It's good when freshly released, but I haven't found much of a reason to age it. The decade old tin I recently opened wasn't much changed.

My favorite Va/Per, straight, was McClelland 2015, a bulk flake that is no longer made, but which was so well made that it was really ready to go when released, not always true of the above suggestions.
2015 was definitely a gem. 👍☕


May 7, 2022
Not everyone's tastes are going to be the same. I wouldn't suggest more than half of these. First off, by "straight from the can" mean that you don't want to have to dry them? Second, you place a lot of trust in the taste of strangers.

I mean, most of these are quality tobaccos, but if you mean no drying time, even the best smoke that meets you tastes, can be steamy and unpleasant if too much moisture is left in the tobacco. I personally prefer my tobaccos to be almost bone dry to bone dry.
I would add "straight for the tin" as in not breathed at all. OP mentioned having things in jars for 9 months I wouldn't necessarily call that aging as much as just airing out. I feel like even a couple of days/ few weeks transferred from tin to jar to let a baccy breathe can work wonders.
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Dec 7, 2021
I would recommend:

C&D Bayou Morning Flake
C&D Opening Night
GLP Montgomery
Rattray's Marlin Flake

All of those smoke great for me right from the tin. I have some Old Gowrie on the way and if it's anything similar to Marlin Flake I'm sure it's fantastic as well. I agree with @Briar Lee that PS Luxury Navy Flake is amazing but aging is almost mandatory with that stuff. It's a completely different blend after 2-3 years in a jar.
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