Any Advice? Killer Tongue Bite

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Mar 8, 2021
The Netherlands (Europe)
Me being a novice pipesmoker I have not been smoking Virginia's (and only smoking one blend of, fuller Virginia's) untill I get the hang of cadence where I don't overheat the pipe. Also I smoked this tobacco from a cob who are not very prone to overheating. So in my very slim experience would suggest the following: stay away from them untill you get a cadence with close to 0 heat on a pipe, pick up a cob. Also smoking while driving will give me to much distractions on concentrating on a cadance which doesn't overheat or let the pipe go out, therefore I would refrain from smoking while driving till the cadance goes on such a automatic pilot that you don't have to concentrate on it.


Mar 20, 2021
Istanbul / Turkey
I got tongue bite especially after smoking "Captain Black" brand tobaccos. If you got tongue bite especially after a special brand don't smoke it again. For curing the tongue bite :

- Drink green tea
- Use Aloe Vera included mouthwashes
- Drink apple vinegar (2 tablespoon in 100 ml water)
and avoid smoking pipe 2-3 days


Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
Thank you, Pipi.

Please put your location in your Profile as people are forgetful.
That will save questions in the future as to where you live when you later mention local stores, weather, tobacco prices, availability, regulations, location of photos, wildfires, air quality, etc. In many instances that saves time for those who read your posts.
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Apr 10, 2021
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So I always have a smoke on my way into work which is a 40 min drive.

Problems I got is wicked tongue bite. I've tried tamping more. Tamping less, drying tobacco.

Still get it. Anyone got any advice?
I'm also a newbie to the pipe, however I would imagine if you bought a low nicotine tobacco it would have a large influence on bite.

Gabby Hayes

Jun 6, 2021
So. Cal.
Morning UKparagolfer from over here in France,

What I would say is try and slow it all down. First off make sure you pack your pipe correctly sure you know how to do that already but for me the 3 step method works well. Secondly make sure to do the charring light then a very light tamp spread that ash nicely. Once your main light is completed this is where I often used to go wrong, puffing way to strongly and way to often.

I tend to try and breath in through my nose whilst taking a puff on the pipe at the same time, helps moderate the draw and burn so you are drawing at that perfect point. To strong its an inferno and secondly to little so it doesn't combust at all. Other people like to use the analogy of sipping a whiskey just about getting that nice equilibrium. Its not all about massive mouthfuls of smoke you will find as you go you can achieve however much smoke you like by the controlling of your smoke. In turn taking it steady like this will reduce tongue bite and you will learn when to ease off the draw when the 1st signs of bite start to arrive.

Smoking to quickly will make it burn to hot, causing vaporization and that condenses in the bottom of the bowl causing problems with burning the rest of the tobacco and cause a lot of frustration and tongue bit if you puff to hard to try and keep it going.

Hope this helps a little I am a newish piper for about the last 5 years, think having calm practise smokes away from the wheel will also help you refine your smoke so then you can apply it to when you drive, walks, whatever.

Happy piping.
Your comment echos my thoughts on the matter to a tee, literally almost as if I had written them myself, lol. I don't like to do any activities requiring a great deal of effort or thought though. I just like to relax, watch a game, surf the net, or read so that I don't ruin the cadence and over smoke.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
Buy a good pipe, a Savinelli for around 100.00 is good. When you build up the cake in the pipe it will smoke cooler, drier and will give you a a baseline as to how a good pipe will smoke. . It will show you that when you get a lousy pipe you will know it when you get one. A Savinelli was my first pipe and i am glad I got it.
I cannot smoke blends with red virginia tobacco. It burns my tongue as soon as the smoke hits my tongue. It took years and so many different blends to figure this out. It sucks but I would not quit trying. I also used Biotene which is a mouth wash that helps with the burn. read all that you can about this and see if you can find out the fix. When I found out about the red virginia's I was able to finally build a cellar with 41 flakes and plugs that have no reds. I built my cellar in just about a year and it will last me around 20 plus years. I wish you good luck.


Jun 16, 2021
Spencer, OH
Dry it longer. Smoke it slower.
As was said... dry it longer, smoke it slower. I'll also add, don't get it too hot.

Smoking in a vehicle can be challenging because you can't always pay the attention to the tobacco it deserves.

Might I recommend getting a wind cap? That seems to help when I'm in my pickup, although I don't generally use one in the semi.

Hope this helps you out.


Peter - CCB

Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 26, 2019
Santa Barbara, CA
I got tongue bite so bad if I took a sip of soda i would tear up. Entire mouth burned. For me, slow down the puffing. Learned to pace myself and it rarely happens now.
Old post now. But FYI for those newer. Slowed my pace down a ton. Main thing that helped. It naturally happens over many many bowls. Don’t smoke aromatics either which helps a ton.


Feb 21, 2013
On the tongue bite/chemical burn issue, I've had better luck with non-aromatic blends, even strong ones. I think flavorings when burned cause a lot of tongue bite. The worst offenders I've had are "holiday blends" that can really sting, and then sting again when you brush your teeth with peppermint toothpaste. Sip don't puff. Dry the tobacco. Pack looser. I also think smoking when driving makes you puff harder because of the divided attention. A beverage with a pipe is also helpful.

Kissel bixby

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 10, 2021
#1 Slow. Virginia and any that are to moist can burn hot and wet tobacco burns from steam created, to the best of my knowledge when trying to fix tongue bite myself. English blends greatly reduce tongue tongue bite by being more alkaline. I like a strong English driving 1.5hr to work. I really chug at it for the 1st 30min with no pain.


Jun 11, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA USA
I haven't read through this entire thread (which has good advice), but in my experience, in the end, tongue bite simply went away with time. Just like shin splints to a new runner. Don't push it, but don't worry about it either. You're adapting to something your body (in this case, your tongue) isn't designed to do, or is simply not acclimated to do (yet).
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