Any Advice? Killer Tongue Bite

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 3, 2020
I also wanted to add that certain pipes do not mix with certain tobaccos and this is entirely relative. I love Virginia's but a few of my pipes will cause them to bite, no change in cadence etc., but same tobacco in a different pipe=nirvana. Why this is the case I dont know, but it is the case for me. Every other tip is spot on. I also like pipes with a wide open draw, pack so that the slightest sip produces smoke, then just gently row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

Lastly, I dont drive and smoke, if I did I am sure my tongue would've burnt away by now!!


Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
Smoking while driving is learnable!

You can put your location in your Profile—(please!—because people will forget!) That will save questions in the future as to where you live when you later mention local stores, weather, tobacco prices, availability, regulations, location of photos, wildfires, air quality, etc., etc..
Under your avatar, (top right, left most of three symbols) you choose "Account Details", which brings up "My Account". "My Location" is halfway down. Whatever you're comfortable with- town, city, county, state. Just country if you must.


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
Am I missing out? I have never experienced tongue bite. (Knock on wood)
no tongue bite sucks. Basically you won't really taste anything for a few days and your tongue will feel weird for a few days. The only good thing about it is pain is a good teacher. If a blend keeps giving you tongue bite you know it's not for you if a certain pipe does you learn not to use that pipe. It will happen someday. You'll be smoking a pipe and something will distract you maybe a lady who is too pretty to be talking to you will make you wonder what the heck is going on or you'll see someone fall out of tree and be more concerned with their safety or you'll be reading a how to and trying to figure out what they're telling you to do or someone on a forum will be over explaining something and boom tongue bite. Then you'll be glad it took so long.


May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
If you have an allergy to red virginia tobacco then the bite will feel like acid is being poured on your tongue as soon as the smoke hits your tongue. If that doesn't happen then you are not allergic to the reds. If you smoke for a while and then around half way down the smoke dries your mouth something fierce then that could mean an allergy to PG aka propylene glycol. That stuff dries the crap out of me and I have found it in heavily cased aromatic tobacco blends.

I am not familiar with the blend you are smoking but you might want to change the blend you are smoking.
I would smoke a nice mild Virginia such as Capstan Blue Flake or Capstan Yellow Ready Rubbed, Peterson Flake which used to be Dunhill Flake. If you decide on the Capstan Blue Flake you will need to learn how to smoke flake tobacco as there are many ways. There are plenty of video's on the web explaining how it works. You can also cube cut your flakes.
I have 20 plus years experience smoking flakes and while they are tricky in the beginning I believe they are the best blends to smoke as I get more flavor, a cooler smoke and blends that smoke much much slower.

Also you need patience on any type of blends you choose. Pipe smoking is an art nothing like cigarettes or cigars. Once you get it down, you will be very glad you stayed with it.



Jan 25, 2019
Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
So I always have a smoke on my way into work which is a 40 min drive. Problems I got is wicked tongue bite. I've tried tamping more. Tamping less, drying tobacco.

Still get it. Anyone got any advice?
What is the specific tabak you are smoking which is torturing your tongue?

Perhaps knowing what it is you are smoking might offer us additional clues. - Sherm Natman
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