2019 West Coast Pipe Show Nov 2&3

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Aug 31, 2012
Made another pass through and snagged this Mark Tinsky pipe:

View attachment 7046

Jiminks, my wife, and sable;

View attachment 7047

Sable and me:

View attachment 7048

Silliness aside, it is astounding how much these guys know about pipes and tobacco!

Also got this pipe from Alexander Hasry:

View attachment 7049

View attachment 7050

The stem is unfinished so now I really have something to look forward to. Can't wait to receive the finished product. I talked to Alexander a bit about the process of carving a pipe; asymmetry vs symmetrical, etc. It is a pure alchemy of science and engineering to bring one of these things together!
You forgot the photo of your lady giving me a hug!!
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Jun 15, 2013
Back from Vegas and back at work. The WCPS was great fun! I was happy to see so many people attending and new faces making their first appearance at the show. It was a good show for many carvers.

A special treat was meeting one of my favorite carvers, Scottie Piersel, and I ended up breaking my vow not to buy another pipe as I bought one of hers. How could I not?

I also had the pleasure of meeting npod, americaman, shanez, and spartacus, as well as other friends I have in the piping community.

Friday night I attended the Seattle Pipe Club dinner with jiminks, Mark Ryan, the Guss brothers, greydawn, and a number of other fun fellow travelers, at Mint Bistro, a wonderful Indian Restaurant well off the Strip, then headed to the Venetian for a stroll.

Saturday was spent at the Show and in the smoking lounge. There was a lot to see and a lot of people to meet, lots of excellent tobaccos to share. I had the opportunity to try some vintage '60's Edgeworth slices and Edgeworth ready rub from a freshly opened tub that opened with an audible whoosh when the top was popped. The flavors were startling and delicious!

So much to see, lots to discuss.

Sunday was spent at the show until it closed, then a group of us met outside to enjoy a smoke in the open. Another special treat was meeting up again with Greg Pease, who joined us for dinner at Nora's, a superb Italian Restaurant, also well away from the Strip and a local favorite. The conversation was as bubbling as the San Pellegrino.

But the best was the opportunity to spend time with my friends face to face, Jim, Jon, and Richard, though getting a fabulous smoking Scottie ranks pretty high up there.

If you missed this one, come next year and have a complete blast!


Jul 29, 2018
Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories, Guys. It looks like a blast. I hope to be there next year.


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Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
My wife, who is a non-smoker, had a great time. She appreciated the artistry and effort that goes into the pipes but more so (me too) enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone, especially Jim and sable.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and still am in awe of some of the pipes. Heck, even the casino's cheap house red I had seemed good.

We're both looking forward to next year already and really hope to see everyone again and meet some more people.


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Aug 31, 2012
Excellent posts and photos! I know Jesse to be a gentleman, so the appearance of his hand in a dubious position is an optical illusion.
Hahaha!!!! :LOL:

Actually, there's another pic of Veronica and me without Jesse the Handy Man in it.
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