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  1. unclearthur

    OK I am back sorta.

    Please, anyone who ordered pipes let me know what it was that was ordered and I will get them right out. Spent the last while seriously laid up and nearly ended up living on the street due to an insurance mess up. Will not be taking orders again for a while. Need to clear back log. Long stupid...
  2. unclearthur

    Interesting day

    I had a lot of fun watching them dig through the pipes. One was taking pictures of some that caught her eye. The amazement over the value of some of my antique ones was down right cute! LOL. They left with the site addresses of and written down. Seems they...
  3. unclearthur for a good friend

    #14 is a very interesting design. Food for my twisted thought!
  4. unclearthur


    That is a beautifully made godawful UGLY idea.
  5. unclearthur

    Interesting day

    This morning a buddy of mine brought over his younger sister and three of her college friends to look at pipes. I sold three of the gals cheap estates and tossed in some PS nougat and 7 seas Regular. It was a hoot watching them go through the boxes of pipes looking for exactly the right one. So...
  6. unclearthur

    Cleaning With Alcohol - What Alcohol?

    All I use any more is the 91% from the pharmacy at Wally World. Cheap and effective.
  7. unclearthur

    Musical Company?

    Lately I listen to Abney Park while relaxing.
  8. unclearthur

    Freehand Pipes?

    A lot of those turn up on ebay. I rather like the look of freehand pipes but I dislike the large bowls due to the problem of having screwed up hands and holding them can be less than comfortable for me. One other thing is in the 70's the stump on a stick style was popular. They just lacked...
  9. unclearthur for a good friend

    Shoot! Just grab one of each and then you have no problem!
  10. unclearthur

    One Of Lifes Sad Truths

    It all comes down to the fact that being happy isn't having what you want. It's wanting what you have.
  11. unclearthur

    English/Latakia tobacco suggestions?

    Proper English and McClelland 5110 are my favorites.
  12. unclearthur

    New addition to my family

  13. unclearthur

    Pipe Mud and Pipe Cement (WARNING: GIANT POST)

    I may give the wood ash a try after I run off the lye from what I have been saving back for a soap making experiment. I am thinking I would rather use the ash after the lye has been extracted.
  14. unclearthur


    I was using a small electric motor and a jackshaft with three step pulleys on each until a while back when all the magic smoke leaked out of the ragged motor. Until I scrounge a new (to me ) motor I am using a 1750 grinder and having no trouble. I prefer the motor and jackshaft though because I...
  15. unclearthur

    Antique store find

    Picking up a sport for that price is AMAZING!!! Good score!