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    Noshing While Piping?

    I smoke before or after eating, usually after. While I am smoking my mouth is busy with the pipe.
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    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    Lane RLP-6. Great stuff.
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    Years Smoking Poll

    I bought my first briar pipe from Owl Drugstore in Wagoner, Oklahoma when I was a junior in high school. That was 1958 and have smoked a pipe(s) off and on ever since. So that's 61 years and counting. Keeping it smokey as Fishbanjo would say.
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    If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only One Tobacco...

    I could name several but if forced to pick just one I might say Plum Pudding Special Reserve. I'm smoking that as I write this. If I was smoking something else I might name that. 🙄
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    Do You Really Like to Smoke a Pipe With Filter

    If a pipe comes with a filter I generally use one it, if it doesn't come with a filter then obviously I don't. I think a filter helps me smoke dryer (gurgleless?) and keeps bits of ash and tobacco out of my mouth. When the filter is removed and replaced it is obvious that some crud has been...
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    Guess The Pipe Maker (December 2019)...

    Rigoletto? I have several like that, but you said it wasn't Italian. Hmmm.
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    Castello & Dunhill

    There is more than one other drummer here. I love djembe drums and have seven of them in various sizes, the best being large diameter drums hand made in Ghana. I have more pipes than drums, but then, you can't smoke a drum.
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    Your First Pipe & Tobacco

    My first pipe was a drugstore cob and Prince Albert in a pocket-sized can when I was a junior in high school in 1958. My first real pipe was a London Royal billiard from the same drugstore when I went off to college in 1959. I smoked it off and on until I graduated from college with an ROTC...
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    Let's Discuss Birth Year Pipes. Photos Appreciated.

    Sounds like Dunhill is about the only pipe that can be dated accurately. I would love to find a birthyear pipe but 1941 would be hard to find. Any suggestions from members?
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    New Pete 305 Standard System

    I have 3 Peterson P-lip system pipes and I love them. Since I wear dentures, the P-lip directs the smoke to the roof of my mouth and not my tongue which results in a cooler smoke.
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    Unpopular Opinion - I Dont Like 1-Q

    1Q is nice by itself but not something I want to smoke all the time. It makes a pretty good blending tobacco to give some sweetness and good room note to something on the harsh side. I have a container of 50/50 1Q and Dark Fired Kentucky that I enjoy.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    Sutliff Golden Age as a RYO in a hemp wrapper.
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    Suggestions for a custom blend, please.

    I want to try my hand at creating my own blend of English/Balkan/American. I have blending dark fired Kentucky burley, Latakia, and Perique, PS 701 Virginia, and black cavendish. I intend to press it for some time then slice it. Success would be something that might resemble Escudo. This is my...
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    Insects in my pipe tobacco

    Russ (blendtobac): Thank you for your response. I called your 800 number and explained my problem. After reading your reply to the operator she quickly agreed to send me a replacement. For your information, I ordered the Ryback Regular as a bulk product and it came to me in a large ziplock bag...
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    Military Pipe Smokers

    I was also in 2nd of the 7th and was a Supply officer in a forward support company for several Infantry battalions. Our little compound of Camp McKenzie was in the middle of a rice paddy just north of Munsan and about 8 miles south of the DMZ. We went to sleep every night with the faint sound of...