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  1. tulsagentleman

    How Do You Store Your Pipes ?

    Not a bad idea, BriarBuck. A friend gave me a nice humidor that is basically empty. I would still like to know where Sable got his pipe boxes.
  2. tulsagentleman

    My First Castello

    Neat 15 pipe rack. Where did you get that?
  3. tulsagentleman

    Recommend Me A Pipe

    Sweet little pipe and at $50 you can't go wrong. If you don't like it, send it to me.
  4. tulsagentleman

    Todays Haul

    I owned several in my younger days. About the only thing that wears out are the tubes. The hard part nowadays would be finding replacement tubes although I imagine there is a source for them somewhere.
  5. tulsagentleman

    How Do You Store Your Pipes ?

    Sable - You wrote: They’re cases with internal fittings to hold anywhere from 15 to 21 pipes per case. A few years back I bought a half dozen of them on eBay. I’m pretty sure that they were made in China, they were cheap, made cheap, and do the job. This sounds like just what I need but I was...
  6. tulsagentleman

    Won't Pass a Pipe Cleaner

    I am restoring a number of estate pipes for resale and could use a good set of needle files. There are a number of sets on Amazon but which are the best for pipe work? Can anyone recommend one?
  7. tulsagentleman

    Pipe Stem Drill?

    I think I will look in Lowes for this. Thanks.
  8. tulsagentleman

    Pipe Stem Drill?

    I'm restoring some pipes to put up for sale. Several need to have a larger stem hole. Where can I buy a drill to open up the stem? I have seen them somewhere but now can't find them. Thanks.
  9. tulsagentleman

    Restaining Question

    I bought Morgans St Patrick's day Bones CW and thought I asked for a yellow stem but received a green one. Now that I look at it I think I will stain the stumel green. Wish me luck. I'll report on my progress.
  10. tulsagentleman

    Noshing While Piping?

    I smoke before or after eating, usually after. While I am smoking my mouth is busy with the pipe.
  11. tulsagentleman

    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    Lane RLP-6. Great stuff.
  12. tulsagentleman

    Years Smoking Poll

    I bought my first briar pipe from Owl Drugstore in Wagoner, Oklahoma when I was a junior in high school. That was 1958 and have smoked a pipe(s) off and on ever since. So that's 61 years and counting. Keeping it smokey as Fishbanjo would say.
  13. tulsagentleman

    If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only One Tobacco...

    I could name several but if forced to pick just one I might say Plum Pudding Special Reserve. I'm smoking that as I write this. If I was smoking something else I might name that. 🙄
  14. tulsagentleman

    Do You Really Like to Smoke a Pipe With Filter

    If a pipe comes with a filter I generally use one it, if it doesn't come with a filter then obviously I don't. I think a filter helps me smoke dryer (gurgleless?) and keeps bits of ash and tobacco out of my mouth. When the filter is removed and replaced it is obvious that some crud has been...
  15. tulsagentleman

    Guess The Pipe Maker (December 2019)...

    Rigoletto? I have several like that, but you said it wasn't Italian. Hmmm.