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  1. stickframer

    Uncooperative Pipes

    I don't have any of those leather stands, although I like the look of them. I've got a handful of the plastic folding ones that I use when smoking, if the pipe won't sit on it's own.
  2. stickframer

    Hello All,

    Welcome from Canada!
  3. stickframer

    Peterson & Savinelli Arrived

    Great looking pipes, enjoy!
  4. stickframer

    Brigham Role-Call

    My 4 Brighams: Algonquin #229 2 Chinooks, #426 and #62 Patent-era #117 The Algonquin is my favorite pipe. puffy
  5. stickframer

    Hello from Canada

    Hello, and welcome, from Alberta!
  6. stickframer

    Email from 4Noggins.

    Yes indeed. Enjoy your retirement Rich.
  7. stickframer

    Late Delivery on a Cold Night...

    Smoke it! No need to throw it away. I've had tins sit out in cold weather and freeze. No major ill effects that I could notice. What I do now though is bring the box in, but leave it unopened for a bit to try and wàrm the tins slowly. The freeze/thaw cycle might affect the tin seal. Check the...
  8. stickframer

    Yenidje Highlander Finds Its Way to EBay

    Christmas Cheer used to be released during summer and the first shipment would inevitably sell out, but it would be restocked a couple of times before December. Anyways, a tin of 2016 or 2017 CC showed up on ebay after that first shipment sold out everywhere, and irc it sold for much more than...
  9. stickframer

    Holiday Toast to the Mods

    Hear, hear! Good post OP!
  10. stickframer

    Favorite Type/Brand of Knife

    I carry a Buck Companion pen knife with me nearly always. I also have a Queen folding knife made in the mid fifties. She's been well used. I carried it for a bit, but the scales are loose and it needs some repairs. My newest purchase is a Grohmann #4. They are located in Nova Scotia and make...
  11. stickframer

    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    If there is a contender, it's St.Bruno. My first pouch arrived yesterday! Packed and lit with great anticipation, the first bowl wasn't bad at all. I will smoke a lot of it this weekend.
  12. stickframer

    Cob Pipe Question

    MM Legend or Missouri Pride are what I've got. They smoke very well. All cobs are beginner cobs in my opinion. Find a couple that you like, and smoke away. Some benefits of the Mighty Cob are: cheap, disposable, low maintenance, they smoke very dry, won't ghost so they're good for aro's etc. I...
  13. stickframer

    A Tobacco Product For The Antis

    ^ Yep. These are the folks who 'freshen' the air with chemical sprays rather than simply open a window. Unless the canned stuff really is better? Lol
  14. stickframer

    Scenario: You Have $500 Store Credit

    A lifetime supply of pipe cleaners, because after those are taken care of, the rest is gravy! :puffy: Seriously, I would use the majority for tobacco.
  15. stickframer

    Flake Tobacco in Square Tins

    For those keeping score, in my experience, round tins lose their seal 3x as often as squares. :puffpipe: :lol: And for presentation and stuff, I'll miss the squares.