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    Pipes and Coffee

    I quit coffee years ago and became a tea-drinker; however, only when I smoke either 5 BROTHERS or BLACK FRIGATE the craving for a large "Jumbo Java" to have with these two tabaks is so strong, that I often end-up running out to get one at the 24-hour convenience store - even if it's 4am. - Sherm...
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    Disney Is Banning Smoking and Vaping at Amusement Parks

    Be they called "Cast Members" or "Employees", the point in my post was that if they (the employees) were busy chasing all the creepers out of Disney - which they should do before going after tobacco as the real villain lurking at Disney - who then would be left to operate the rides and...
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    Second Cob Mod

    DCon - I like it! It looks like an old familiar friend! - Sherm Natman
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    Off to a Good Start, Recent Baccy Order

    OldBaccy - LOL! Good man! I see you have many of my favorites in there. I'll look forward to learning how you enjoyed D&R's PICAYUNE compared to 5 BROTHERS. - Sherm Natman
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    Disney Is Banning Smoking and Vaping at Amusement Parks

    R - If you scroll back and check, you find the reference DID NOT indicate any cast-members - as you misinterpreted, misread, and/or read into; and then, built your unfounded protest around. The reference ONLY indicated the employees who operate the Rides and Concessions - note the distinction...
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    Disney Is Banning Smoking and Vaping at Amusement Parks

    And what of Uncle Remus... and his pipe? Will they CGI-out Uncle Remus' pipe? And what of the smoking Frog? Gee... I wonder what the "Fellows" at Disney would find acceptable to put into Uncle Remus' mouth, - as a substitute for the offending tobacco pipe - that they feel would properly promote...
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    Disney Is Banning Smoking and Vaping at Amusement Parks

    Disney... Yeah, I could care less; except for the fact that it is one more open-to-the-pubic place that is advertising they have jumped on the reflexive anti-smoking bandwagon - while patting themselves on the back for doing so. They ought to concern themselves with becoming Pedo-Free at their...
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    New Member from Spain

    Cachimbero - Welcome to the fold; glad to see you here! - Sherm Natman
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    Prince Albert in a MM Cob; a classic combination which never fails to satisfy. - Sherm Natman
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    The famous Black Frigate

    I was going to advise you the same as DCon has. 2 traveling Missouri Meerschaums for the vacation, and it becomes a non-issue with no worries. And, have a great time. - Sherm Natman
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    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Brian64 - Blofled would do what he always does... sit there and stroke his pussy - Sherm Natman
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    Daughters & Ryan: London Dock

    Embers - I hear you. PappyMac's last post about the D&R Raccoon-Series, just caused me to go back and start loading up a fresh online shopping-cart with all the other D&R tins not in that D&R order - like all the Racoons, and English Hoopla - which I previously had decided to hold off on until...
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    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Brian64 - Noooooo! Do not show me pictures of pipes I do not own... Noooooooo!!! Potential PAD-Triggering-Event Imminent!!! Noooo!!! LOL! - Sherm Natman