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  1. redbeard

    Returning Again After A Long Absence

    Thank you all for the welcome! I have since learned that I am having a BOY!!! I am stoked!! I was nominated for the free pipe project by another member who knew I was running out of tobacco and that I was not in the position to buy more. Luckily a package arrived with a few tins and even an...
  2. redbeard

    Dark Star

    Oh my how I miss this tobacco. It has probably been about two years since my last bowl of it. I actually added it to my Christmas wish list last week! :puffpipe:
  3. redbeard

    Star Trek Blends

    Love this thread! Not clever enough to add to it but I sure do love me some Star Trek! My favorite things... Pipes, Star Trek, and wet shaving and not necessarily in that order.
  4. redbeard

    Returning Again After A Long Absence

    Oh how I have missed this forum and all of the great people and information that come along with it! I have been very busy working two jobs trying to start a family and sleeping when I can! I can not believe it has been over a year or so since I have posted here although I have popped in to see...
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    PAD Is Real!!! A Couple Of Month With The Disorder Realized (Pics)

    Soret about the two posts, phone was being stupid and wouldn't let me do two... A week goes by and my Canadian itch is going again and I find the savinelli Oscar aged briar in the bottom right of the pic. It is such a beauty! Light as a feather to boot! Once again me and the girlfriend find...
  6. redbeard

    PAD Is Real!!! A Couple Of Month With The Disorder Realized (Pics)

    So not too sure what to say about it other than WOW... That did happen didn't it!! This is a realization post with a "please help identify this pipe" at the end. Let's start at the beginning. A couple months back I was cruising the bay and saw the pipe that is in the red pipe couch and I had to...
  7. redbeard

    Last Weekends Antique SCORES!! Pipe And Rack (Pics)

    So here is the tube I was talking about. It's different for sure...
  8. redbeard

    Last Weekends Antique SCORES!! Pipe And Rack (Pics)

    So it has been a month and the pipe has just been sitting in my pipe rack with me not sure if I should smoke her or not. I really wanted to get the stem off before I did. Well today I picked it up and gave it another try and it moved!! I kept going and after a while and some shot nerves (afraid...
  9. redbeard

    Finished my Pipe Rack

    Wow, that is amazing! I wish I could make something like that.
  10. redbeard

    VERY Dead Pipe

    Ouch, my vote is dead.... Meers don't like alcohol at all. I have a meer lined briar that I messed up with just trying to clean the rim with Silvia!
  11. redbeard

    Private Messages - House Cleaning

    I would like the option of selectively deleting messages. I personally like having some in there for reference because my memory is so HORRIBLE I can't remember certain things.
  12. redbeard

    Last Weekends Antique SCORES!! Pipe And Rack (Pics)

    Thank you all so much for the kind words. The girlfriend is happy that I now have most of my pipes on the rack and not scattered around the room! :rofl: (What she doesn't know is that now I have a need to fill the 4 racks I emptied to fill this one!!) As for the paneled pipe, I have still...
  13. redbeard

    Michael Parks - Project Longshanks

    Oh... My.... Those are just amazing.... I know what i will be dreaming of tonight! Wow.... Just, wow. So very jealous right now.
  14. redbeard

    Last Weekends Antique SCORES!! Pipe And Rack (Pics)

    So once again, another weekend and a few trips to the antique stores in town. I am very lucky the girlfriend likes to spend time together that way because I have been on a roll lately. So first up, this pipe... I saw it unsmoked, still in its box just begging for me to take it home. I am unsure...
  15. redbeard

    Awesome Antique Score (Again)

    I am very sorry about the late response. I have been working extra shifts to cover since we lost two guys in the same week! Thank you so much for the quick responses however, it is so cool to totally understand what I found! All of the stamping so on the pipe are as follows: LINKMAN'S (block...