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    How many of your pipes are you excited to use regularly?

    I haven't counted in a while but suffice it to say that I have more than 60 pipes. There are about a dozen that I tend to smoke far more than the others although I do smoke them all at one time or another. The only pipe I have ever bought that I truly didn't like to smoke was a Brylon piece of...
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    Nice old Pipe

    Photos would help a lot. From the description it sounds like one of the many leather clad pipes popular in the late 60s and early 70s. They were pretty inexpensive pipes and I woudn't expect it to sell for much.
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    Smoking a Pipe: Hobby or Life Choice

    I see the collecting of pipes, learning about the many different pipes and tobaccos, and even visiting pipe shops and shows as a hobby. I see smoking the pipe as just that, smoking a pipe. I smoke a pipe because I enjoy it, but I don't see smoking as a hobby.
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    Peterson of Dublin.

    Great choice, I'm sure it will be a good companion for many years to come. While I have many Petersons I would love to buy one from that particular store some time.
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    Happy Day!

    Congrats, sounds like a fun time.
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    Newest pipe

    Nice, I have always wanted a leather clad pipe.
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    How Evil is this thing?

    ThinkGeek has some of the best stuff.
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    Are these people trying to control my life or what???

    I also recall smoking in the classroom when in college. This is truly a sad state of affairs these days.
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    Dog Done it

    Yikes! Bad dog!
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    Convert From Cigs to Pipe

    I agree with the "just give the to him" idea. Can't hurt.
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    Desert Island Tobacco and Pipe?

    For me this is a tough one to answer as my mood tends to determine which tobacco/pipe I favor at a given time. If I were forced to choose I think I would have to go with Uhle's Bishop's Move and my Stanwell Hypnotic.
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    A definite favorite for me. Love that peppery taste. Funny thing, I had just gone out to my truck to grab my last tin of Escudo a few minutes before reading this thread.
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    Most Expensive Pipe I've Seen

    Personally, I don't think any pipe is worth that kind of money.