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  1. maxx

    Unable to Gain Pleasure from Smoking Pipe

    Yep. The wet/dry issue is important. I got an order of tobacco that was tinned just this year, and for some, only weeks ago. It’s pretty moist. I had to relearn to let it dry a bit to get a fuller flavor.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (May 2019)

    C&D Engine #99
  3. maxx

    Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture

    This is a blend I will reorder. I could be limited to Levant Mixture and be content. The flavors don’t clash. It’s a very harmonious blend.
  4. maxx

    C&D Engine #99

    This is apparently a derivative of C&D Pirate Kake in ribbon cut. It’s a comfortable smoke. Rather simple. I can’t decide whether it’s pleasant or a bit boring. I’ve got some Pirate Kake and have liked that before but I’m not opening that new tin yet. I’m still sampling the new unexperienced...
  5. maxx

    C&D Mountain Camp

    I’ve read that this is similar to Nightcap, which is why I ordered it. I don’t remember NC well enough to compare them, but I think it’s probably not similar. This Mountain Camp is a bit spicy and sharp. It doesn’t seem as heavy in Latakia as Drucquer & Sons Levant and the Burley is evident in...
  6. maxx

    C&D Billy Budd

    I expected this to be stronger. I just finished a bowl of Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture, and this Billy Budd doesn’t excite me anywhere as much. It’d be a mild cigar with a bit of sharp tang. I’d say the Burley is stronger than the Latakia by far, with the Virginia coming through underneath.
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    Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture

    My tobacco order arrived and I’ve begun with Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture. I like this a lot. What’s your experience with it?
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (May 2019)

    Drucquer & Sons Levant Mixture. Wonderful!
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    Peterson Pipes - How Satisfied Are You with Them?

    I’ve got two - a B5 Bent Bulldog and a Billiard. They were my first two pipes. The Bulldog is trouble free. The Billiard’s stem has gotten loose. The pipes don’t smoke any worse than my others. Maybe I lack discernment. None of my pipes whistle or gurgle or hum. My favorite pipe is a Savinelli...
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    What’s Your Top Choices For Virginias?

    Orlik Golden Sliced seems well liked. I’ll add that in my next order. I’ll probably add three from the choices being listed here. The rest will be English blends. I appreciate the responses, everyone.
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    Super-Value English Mixture Pouch

    I take that back. This tobacco gives tongue bite and is boring to boot.
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    What’s Your Top Choices For Virginias?

    Would Carter Hall qualify as a type of Virginia? It’s a blend of Virginias and Burley.
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    Super-Value English Mixture Pouch

    I was out and about so stopped at the smoke shop for this. They didn’t have the English or the Bourbon Whiskey, so I bought their Whiskey Cavendish. Tobacco Reviews says - Brand Super Value Blended By Sutliff Manufactured By Sutliff Blend Type Aromatic Contents Black Cavendish, Burley...
  14. maxx

    Super-Value English Mixture Pouch

    My local smoke shop sells this brand. I assumed it was more of that tobacco for roll-your-own cigarettes that’s labeled as pipe tobacco to skirt the higher tax. I’ll try it.