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  1. mathoozula

    How Old Is Everyone

    39, been smoking a pipe off and on since 2010
  2. mathoozula

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2018)

    McClelland Christmas Cheer 2015 in Morgan Bones stubby pot
  3. mathoozula

    Captain Earle's crumble cakes

    Anyone else noticed that when you crumble out theses cakes from Captain Earle's that they burn rather quickly. Does anyone have any tips to getting these blends to burn longer? Should I slice the cake, dry it out more, pack it more tightly, put in some baccy in the food processor and chop it...
  4. mathoozula

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2018)

    Having some GLP Chelsea Morning in my Peterson Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker-sandblast bent Rhodesian with silver band, along with my morning cup of coffee.
  5. mathoozula

    Country Squire Tobaccos

    Yeah the site looked legit. I think Im gonna enjoy some of those blends. Thanks for the imput!
  6. mathoozula

    When Did the Smokable Seconds Bag Drop to 7 Pipes?

    I went to MM website to grab a bag of seconds just a time ago. MM were out of seconds grab bags. Now I know what happened. MM was getting ready for the change in number of pipes in the bag. I'll still buy at the new price, I need some extra cobs and handout ones.
  7. mathoozula

    Country Squire Tobaccos

    Has anyone tried the tobaccos of Country Squire? My attention was drawn to them because of the Middle Earth labeled tobaccos, but the non-aromatics look pretty good. Anyone tried Bag End? I'll probably put in an order for some baccy, but if anyone can lend an honest opinion, that would be great!
  8. mathoozula

    Difference Between Westminster and Quiet Nights

    I enjoy Westminster but it is rather Lat-strong and the orientals are very buttery. I enjoy Chelsea Morning from G.L. Pease. Its a good all day blend with enough Latakia to suffice the craving. Its also very good paired with black coffee, as it mentions on the tin label. I've smoke thru...
  9. mathoozula

    Two New Meerschaum Pipes for the Collection

    I like them. I've always been drawn to the carved monstrosities. LOL
  10. mathoozula

    Love Meerschaums and Want One!

    If one were to buy a Turkish block meer, what would you be looking for more than aesthetics? I'd like to know how much one costs in lets say a market price. There is nowhere close in WV where I can examine the differences between a good meer and a lesser one. Having to rely on the internet...
  11. mathoozula

    Stem polishing; oxidation

    I tried to get the oxidation off my beater Rossi by soaking the stem in rubbing alcohol. I'll admit I didn't know what I was doing because it became even more oxidized. I tried to rub some out, but it really wasn't working. I'm going to try the Magic Eraser suggestion. I think I may have...
  12. mathoozula

    Where to find MM corn cobs grabbag?

    Does anyone remember which site has the 10 MM corn cobs grab-bag? I've looked at a few sites while checking out tobaccos and haven't found the bundle deal anywhere.
  13. mathoozula

    My recent haul

    G L Pease: Chelsea Morning, Key Largo, and Westminster Sutliff: Sunrise Smoke McClelland: Dominican Maduro and Christmas Cheer 2015
  14. mathoozula

    My recent haul

    [/URL][/img] Here is my recent order from Cup O