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    I'd like to ask you guys about Churchwardens pipes. I don't own one but I'm thinking about getting one because…well 'tis the season. Of those of you who own a churchwardens how often do you smoke it. I'm thinking it would be a good pipe to smoke while reading, probably less so good while mowing...
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    GL Pease & Cornell and Diehl

    Has Cornell and Diehl always made the GL Pease blends? And if not when did they start?
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    Scarcity or Abundance

    It's an evolution to be sure. One has to figure out what you like and don't like. I just sold a bunch of pipes to buy a few expensive pipes in the styles I now prefer. As for cellaring tobaccos it's a bit of a crap shoot. I had some thirteen year old Barbary Coast that had really changed into...
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    Scarcity or Abundance

    This maybe an addendum to my last thread about a pipe smoking lifestyle but I think it has wider implications. Do you operate out of a basis of scarcity or abundance? What with the TAD and PAD here, I can guess what most of you will answer. Capitalism is structured on supply and demand but...
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    There's a link on this site in the categories sidebar called The Pipe Smoking Lifestyle which I completely missed. The Pipe Smoking Lifestyle
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    There's a link on this site called The Pipe Smoking Lifestyle which I completely missed. The Pipe Smoking Lifestyle
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    I have recently started buying more than the occasional because I discovered Boveda packs and Tupperware are a cheap way of creating an effective humidor. The more I learned about cigars, I kept hearing the word lifestyle, "the cigar lifestyle". Defined a lifestyle refers to the way in which one...
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    Must-Have Blends for Any Cellar

    I would suggest getting small quantities bulk tobacco of the various blends and try to narrow down the styles of tobaccos you prefer. Pipe smoking is so individualistic you really need to decide what you like first. Virginia based blends benefit most from time in the cellar, aromatics the least...
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    Big Pipes

    Two and a half hours of smoke time! I'd have to schedule that on my calendar, which wouldn't be a bad thing.
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    Big Pipes

    I've recently developed a fascination with big pipes and by big I mean pipes with a chamber diameter over a 22mm and a deep chamber depth. I've read that these larger pipes are not particularly suited for Virginia flake but do better with Balkan or English blends and I'm guessing aromatics. How...
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    Searching for Tati's Pipe

    I am a big fan of Jacques Tati. Compared to the dreck offered up by this evenings Oscars, I find his films human and life affirming. So being a pipe smoker I wanted to find a pipe like Tati's character Hulot smoked in his movies (I've come to discover the pipe was merely a prop and Tati was a...
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    The Peterson Filter

    I've heard people using a piece of pipe cleaner but I think the Savinelli balsam is more absorbent and it doesn't effect the draw as far as I can tell.
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    The Peterson Filter

    This Peterson Shannon is my most recent acquisition. I knew Peterson drill their pipes with a considerable distance between their mortis and tenon. Cutting a third off a Savinelli 6mm balsam filter fills the space quite nicely. Now if I could just find a stand that holds a Bulldog without...
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    Anyone Smoke Just 1 Or 2 Pipes?

    I have gotten into the habit of having two or three pipes and tobaccos at the two locations in my house that I smoke and will rotate those every two or three weeks. This makes it easier to just pick up a pipe and smoke it without having to decide which pipe and tobacco to smoke out of my entire...
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    Vonnegut's Pipe

    Author novelist Kurt Vonnegut's US patent for an Easily Cleaned Tobacco Pipe. Anyone know if this was ever produced?