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    This Guy Really Loves His Pipe! (Cartoon)

    I will not show that to my wife, she thinks I spend too much on pipes and tobacco now.
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    Quinton Wells & Paul Creasy on Radio Show of 5/15/2014

    Paul Creasy, thank you for your work!
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    Quinton Wells & Paul Creasy on Radio Show of 5/15/2014

    Really enjoyed the show this week, Quinton Wells was very informative. I, like Quinton did, need to learn to smoke slower and enjoy tobaccos. As a former cigarette smoker this hard for me to do. If anyone has any tips please feel free to post them.
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    Your "All-Day" Blend

    Sutliff Private Stock Golden Age I just found this, it's very simple but taste good all day.
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    Pipes & Cigars Father's Day discount

    Father's Day Discount
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    Inexplicable Intransigence

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    Well, I came out...

    There is so much misinformation out there about nicotine, secondhand smoke, etc. Reading some Pipedia articles on this, as well a episode #37 of the radio show have given me lots of info for discussions.
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    Air Pocket Method

    Many times I leave a pipe cleaner in while packing the bottom of the bowl which leaves a small air pockets and helps eliminate clogging giving a better draw.
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    My First Time With Three Nuns...

    Bet you were tired!!
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    I Didn't Buy It, But Oh My!

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    Chuck Levi of Iwan Ries on Radio Show of 4/24/2014

    Brian, My Keurig coffee maker is set up for lefties. The water has to poured from the left, I've often said to myself that this was designed for a left handed person. Hard for me to position myself in relation to the machine to pour with my right so I fumble around doing it with my left. You...
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    Travel Routine & Pipes !@#!@#

    ssjones, Don't forget to buy a couple of cobs for the glove compartment. :lol: You told us to remind you!!
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    Classic American Pipe Shops - my new project

    Looking forward to future blog entries. I really enjoy the old shops and wish I could visit more. Thank you for giving some info on these shops.
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    My new Eric Paulson

    It's 7/8", overall length is under 4", even smaller than the Devil Anse. I love it.