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  1. grilledokra

    The Difference in Colour of Aged Briar

    Commonly known as Morta in pipe making.
  2. grilledokra

    Any Regrettable Pipe Repairs Attempted?

    Broke the shank on an old shank-logo’d Kaywoodie. The stinger was frozen to the metal shank threads. That one hurt my pride a bit and reminded me to slow down.
  3. grilledokra

    Number Of Pipes Being Listed On eBay Is Exploding

    Do you think this increase includes an increase in headshop-style pipes also available on eBay? For better or worse, sometimes eBay also serves as a simple e-store for any number of products.
  4. grilledokra

    Favorite Type/Brand of Knife

    I’m not a collector, but I’ve always carried a Victorinox Classic. They handle most of the basic needs I have and fit comfortably in my pocket for daily. They can also easily slip out, so I’m thankful that you can get them in inexpensive lots on eBay. I’ve recently upgraded from the Classic to...
  5. grilledokra

    Estate Pipe Motherlode

    Pappy I’m glad to see those went to a good home! I grabbed a Kriswill and a Ben Wade out of that case last year. I’ve been saying I wanted to go back to check on the others (in hopes of a price drop because I was too cheap to get them the first time). Keep the hunting up, and if I run into...
  6. grilledokra

    Charatan Underboar (1920's to WWII)

    I had to brush up on my Charatan markings, because the circle stem logo didn’t register. I think it’s interesting they chose to deviate from their normal mark for this particular model, considering an otherwise steady use of the CP logo.
  7. grilledokra

    Yum Snuff!

    I’ve had the Toque Raspberry Menthol and really enjoyed the cool, fruity flavor. Did you have to order internationally or were you able to locate locally?
  8. grilledokra

    First Castello

    Where did you buy from? I’m eventually going to open up the wallet for a Castello...
  9. grilledokra

    Cold In The South

    It’s a rare and kind of weird juxtaposition, but it snowed here on the beach today along the Gulf Coast. I hear even New Orleans got some snow, which is even more unusual.
  10. grilledokra

    1964 Dunhill Shell (shape 137) #3

    Great looking pipes. Can you explain the variation in the buttons (or any links would be appreciated). Seeing some of your collection is great, and has filled a void that fishnbanjo supplied with regular submissions of his collection.
  11. grilledokra

    Peterson XL Range

    I recently got an XL307 stummel, which I can almost fit my thumb into the bowl. Also the stummel is pretty close in size to my Kiko caveman-style block meerschaum. Between those two size references it puts it in the top five largest pipes among my pipes. Also, if anybody has an XL307 stem by...
  12. grilledokra

    What IS This On My Klondike Gold Tin and Wrapper

    I love Klondike and would be willing to overlook a lot if I had a tin with any imperfections. You do see these types of stains in tin paper where the tobacco has had contact over a long period of time (among other factors). Paper products often have small flaws because it's a natural material...
  13. grilledokra

    New Orleans B&M

    My understanding is that the Mayan Import In Metairie absorbed the Tinderbox from the mall. It's on Severn Ave., adjacent to the mall.
  14. grilledokra

    New Orleans B&M

    The two in New Orleans that immediately come to mind are the Mayan Import locations. One is one Magazine Street, and the other location is out in Metairie.