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  1. glassjapan

    Good News For Genesis Fans But....

    I wish them good luck. But without Peter Gabriel I've got zero interest. It would have been nice to see/hear Supper's Ready or The Knife.
  2. glassjapan

    Number Of Pipes Being Listed On eBay Is Exploding

    I keep an eye on treasurepipes on eBay. Always seems like a who's who in the pipe making world week in and week out. But whether it's more than in the past few years I couldn't say. Maybe pipe smokers as a group are getting older and passing on. I'd like to think not.
  3. glassjapan

    Online Sales

    In the U.S., buying Cuban Cigars has been illegal for over five decades. People purchase them online from Europe and Asia every day. I'm not talking about questionable boxes from your sister's husband's niece who's dating a Cuban person down in FL. Actual LCDH vendors. When customs confiscates...
  4. glassjapan

    Daughters and Ryan Favorites For Pipes?

    You may still might be able to pick some up. It's been since 10/18 since I bought some though. D & R was still selling their Blender's Bench tobaccos but not online or in their catalogs. It could only be ordered over the phone. You had to first fax a copy of your driver's license for proof of...
  5. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening Too. (Feb 2020)

    Listening to the Goat Rodeo Sessions ~ Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan and Yo-Yo Ma. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
  6. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To ~ Nov. 2019

    Listening to some King Crimson ~ Starless and Bible Black.
  7. glassjapan

    Best 3 Songs Ever (In Your Opinion)?

    Three great picks!
  8. glassjapan

    What Are You Listening To ~ Oct. 2019

    Listening to The Black Keys ~ Chulahoma (The Songs of Junior Kimbrough).
  9. glassjapan

    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    So it sounds like we've both been at this for a very long time. Saddens me to hear your experiences have been so unlucky. I'll leave it at we can agree to disagree while I smoke a Boli CJ.
  10. glassjapan

    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    Not sure who your vendor of choice is, but 50-60% is not normal. Not even close.
  11. glassjapan

    WTB 5100 Tins Sold at Ohio Pipe Show 10/12/19

    I don't know, but tins of McClelland 5100 for $25? I'll take all the ones that Costanza doesn't buy!
  12. glassjapan

    Anyone Else Having Password Trouble?

    So far so good.
  13. glassjapan

    One Year, Only One Brand Blender -- Which?

    McClelland's....and if I happen to outlive my supply, then Samuel Gawith.
  14. glassjapan

    Storage of 250g boxes

    Another thought is to put smaller amounts into jars or bags. I used to use half pint jars and put two to two and half ounces per jar. Now I use smaller size mylar bags. I'd rather have small amounts open while the rest ages away.
  15. glassjapan

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ August 2019

    Listening to some Genesis ~ Trespass.