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  1. frankrem

    A New Process

    You can count me in if you have enough to spread around. Sounds interesting :)
  2. frankrem

    Vietnam Era Pipe (Help Identify)

    Very cool - That is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  3. frankrem

    The Vessel or the Contents?

    I am definitely a pipe first guy - Whatever I am feeling at the moment - I look at my pipes and one of them will speak to me and that will be the chosen one. From there its all about the flavor of the moment. Pipe smoking for me is a delicious treat at the end of a hard day or a great way...
  4. frankrem


    Welcome - Making a splash on the way in i see :)
  5. frankrem

    Halloween Horror Flicks - What is Everyone Watching?

    Well the wife and daughter had me watch Scream for the first time. Not really a scary film but it wasn't bad. I think one of my recent favorites was the conjuring. Pretty good jump scares in there. My favorite scary movies are around Demons and possession etc. The whole slasher film genre...
  6. frankrem

    I Got MAIL!!!!!

    Well alrighty then - Puffamania 2019
  7. frankrem

    Short Stemmed Billiard

    Your pipe looks amazing - Great job - Very nice indeed.
  8. frankrem

    Quote Of The Day, “And, When You Pay For Snoop Dogg, You Gon’ Get Snoop Dogg.”

    Good Grief man its Snoop Dog - If you didn't know what to expect when you booked him then you don't need to be in that profession. That fella needs to be looking for a new job - Besides I am sure a lot of those fans LOVED IT!! That would have been amazing.
  9. frankrem

    Video: Gawith & Hogarth Factory - Making Rope/Twists

    That was really enjoyable - Love the age of the mill and that bit of history.
  10. frankrem

    Hello from ottawa

    Welcome - feel free to chime in anytime - We're always looking for fresh insights and willing to share what we know. However little that may be :)
  11. frankrem

    Long time lurker from Spain who finally decided to join.

    Welcome aboard - just chime in when able. Happy to have you.
  12. frankrem

    Happy 1 Month Anniversary Everyone!

    Do we have any stats on how many people joined since the update? Or the number of post's compared M/M - To see the impact on traffic?
  13. frankrem

    Hello from Central Utah.

    Welcome if you looking for friendly advice you have come to the right place. We have several here that have forgot more about pipe smoking than I will ever know. Great people here.
  14. frankrem

    Hello from Toronto Canada

    Welcome aboard - Don't know anything about mixture 79 either.