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  1. floridapipeman

    Am I Being Unreasonable?

    Stick to your guns, push the issue and talk to management.
  2. floridapipeman

    Big, Heavy Meerschaum Pipe Is a Smoking Revelation

    <p>Very unique indeed
  3. floridapipeman

    New Lion In Claw Meer

    MeerschaumMarket has some nice pipes. Enjoy the heck out of it!
  4. floridapipeman

    Another Fred Bass Estate

    Very nice, enjoy it.
  5. floridapipeman

    First Meer question

    I have many Meers and never have any issues. Smoke it! I wipe the bowl clean after every smoke as well as clean the stem. And I'll smoke the same one multiple times in the same day. Enjoy yours, they smoke great.
  6. floridapipeman

    Lindbergh Pipe

    <p>Great grab!
  7. floridapipeman

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (July 2018)

    Gawith Commonwealth in a Kudret Meerschaum. Great smoke.
  8. floridapipeman

    Potlatch Bargain From P & C

    At $20 you can't pass it up. I ordered 10 and got them Friday the 13th. I just checked and they're still on sale.
  9. floridapipeman

    Do You Avoid Heavier Pipes?

    I use them but hate them, sometimes I take them off. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.
  10. floridapipeman

    What Is The Best Vanilla Aro?

    And I looked there but must have missed it, thanks!
  11. floridapipeman

    Word of caution...

    Yes, always use the verified Paypal address and never anything else plus always use tracking. Now, on the other end always use your credit card and never use Paypal funds to pay for a transaction. If a dispute arises in either scenario and Paypal finds for the other party, you have zero recourse...
  12. floridapipeman

    Do You Avoid Heavier Pipes?

    Anyone use these gizmo's?
  13. floridapipeman

    What's In Your Tobacco Rotation?

    Too many to mention but I pick a favorite and go to it for a while until I get bored then change off for a while. What's a while? Could be a day or a week. So much work and decisions.