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  1. dquisenberry

    Best Blends For Purposely Aging

    Cairo ages very nicely as well.
  2. dquisenberry

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    2005 Telegraph Hill in Ernie Markle. Bunnahabhein 9 in glass.
  3. dquisenberry

    Anybody Else on Instagram?

    You should definitely stay off IG.
  4. dquisenberry

    Anybody Else on Instagram?

  5. dquisenberry

    Newb Here, from DFW, TX.

    Welcome from fellow DFWer.
  6. dquisenberry

    Ready to Pull the Trigger

    Love my rabbit.
  7. dquisenberry

    Howdy from Texas!

    There are a couple of clubs in dfw. Pm me if you’d like info
  8. dquisenberry

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    New tear drop shank smooth apple from Trey Rice pipes @ricebiscuit. Now 1 away from 7 day set. 2015 Cabbies for maiden voyage.
  9. dquisenberry

    Jim's Watch City Simply VOriental Review.

    Why I love the ability to scroll right past things I don’t get or agree with so I can limit myself from getting frustrated at others rightful opinions.
  10. dquisenberry

    Good Va-Per Tobacco

    You should try vapers with different Virginia bases. Red, African and “American” for lack of a better term. They are each distinctive just as the amount of perique added. Examples of each are listed multiple times above.
  11. dquisenberry

    Looking For, or to Start a Pipe Club in Dallas, Texas.

    there are two in the metroplex, one meets in Denton and one on Ft Worth. I’m not aware of any location in Dallas that allows pipes except a tobacco shop.
  12. dquisenberry

    Pipes and Artisans of Eastern Europe: Undervalued and Underappreciated?

    A couple from Denis Rusakav who sells via Instagram.
  13. dquisenberry

    How Do You Stay Fit?

    I finally realized you can’t out exercise your fork about 3 years ago. Lost 35 lbs and have kept it off. I go to the gym now but it’s because I want to stay fit, not to keep a trim waistline. Feel better at 59 then I did at 39 living a healthy lifestyle.
  14. dquisenberry

    Bulk VA/OR Recommendations

    A sleeper ( but not bulk) I really like is Miskatonic Mixture using Katerini.