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  1. docrameous

    Tobacco Recommendations for a Beginner.

    I didn’t really start to enjoy the pipe until I bought a bunch of Carter Hall and just focused on it. CH will practically smoke itself and so from there I was able to explore to other blends. If I had a set back, I went back to CH until I felt my technique was back and my tongue bite was tamed...
  2. docrameous

    Prince Albert

    I bought a pouch of PA when I first picked up the pipe, but quickly left it to the side in a jar as I pursued other blends. I pulled that jar out recently and was very disappointed. I do really like Carter Hall from time to time, but PA just isn’t for me.
  3. docrameous

    Who Got You Into Pipe Smoking And When?

    My memories of my uncle smoking a pipe go back to when I was about five years of age. He smoked lots of cigarettes and even rolled his own, but it was the pipe that caught my interest. The ritual and room note was amazing. Like the the OP, the socializing and story behind his pipe was rich, and...
  4. docrameous

    Carter Hall (A Review)

    Just had a bowl of CH after a long break and it sure was good. Light and yet satisfying by my accounts. YMV
  5. docrameous

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Nothing fancy, just some Carter Hall in a Rossi straight stemmed briar. It is starting to get too cold to smoke in the evening on the deck!
  6. docrameous

    Suggest Burleys To Me

    I’ve got Solani and Sutliff Ready Rub in the queue, and a small sample of Burley Flake, but I can already say that I like Carter Hall and Pegasus. Prince Albert is ok and I haven’t smoked it in a year so I need to go back and see what I think with a bit of time. I wished C & D did a sampler of...
  7. docrameous

    How Deep is Your Cellar?

    I’ve been only at it about a year + and have about 5 pounds of about 12 blends. At the current rate I smoke, I would do well to smoke a pound in a year. With that said, I am slowly adding all the time and who knows? I might get to the point I will smoke a lot more, so I will just keep buying...
  8. docrameous

    Fantastic Drink/Tobacco Pairing

    I particularly enjoy a vaper with a Jim Beam whiskey on the rocks.
  9. docrameous

    Pipe Smoking in the Deer Stand...

    I take a pipe with me when I am elk hunting. I don’t walk and smoke, but rather when I stop for coffee or eat some lunch I’ll light up while watching a trail or meadow. When I do, I do pay attention to the direction of the wind and make sure that I am downwind from where I want to take a shot. I...
  10. docrameous

    Matches vs. Lighters

    Matches. I like the flame better than my zippo pipe lighter.
  11. docrameous

    Smoker's Haven Exotique

    I was given a small sample of Smokers Haven Exotique and wow, it is fantastic. Doing some digging around, I have not been able to find it for sale online. Has this gone the way of extinction like the McClelland blends? If so, I don't have anything like this in my cellar, so I am open to...
  12. docrameous

    Moved and Organizing My Cellar

    Wow! I am a mere mortal!!! Impressive!
  13. docrameous

    One Meerschaum For One Year (11/7/2020)

    Nice! I remember the possibility of this challenge being discussed last year, so it is great to see you kick off again. I don’t ever expect to own many pipes, but a Peterson System and Meerschaum are on my bucket list. I fully expect watching this thread will only add more fuel to the meer fire!
  14. docrameous

    I Love This Hobby

    Long story, I burned my tongue pretty bad early spring. It was in part due to a week of extended smoking sessions, not realising how bad it was getting. Aros were part of the culprit. So this summer I backed way off and just now feel I am starting to get back to where I was. While I have missed...