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  1. danielplainview

    Can I Disable My Account?

    Just stop posting like I did
  2. danielplainview

    Shamrock 9BC Restoration

    Nicely done. I’m a sucker for fatties. That’s a beaut.
  3. danielplainview

    Show Us Your Best Restorations

    I misread. I thought you said best restorationist. :-)
  4. danielplainview

    1963/4 Dunhill Root Briar Shape 53 Clean-up

    Looking good. Nice grain.
  5. danielplainview

    Dunhill Pipes Are Overrated

    @sablebrush You bring a wealth of substance to any topic. I always enjoy reading your posts. :clap:
  6. danielplainview

    Bumper Stickers Of Wisdom

    I currently have this bumper sticker on my truck.
  7. danielplainview


    It’s understandable. The best thing to do with forums is to stay out of the mud. I only participate in positive discussions.
  8. danielplainview

    Pipe Storage - Drawers...

    Sold at IKEA. This looks like it could work for pipe storage.
  9. danielplainview

    Pipe Storage - Drawers...

    @npod Love that DPS set up. If I ever hit the lottery. I switched from racks to drawers a couple years ago. I think it preserves the pipes much better. I have an 8 drawer tool cabinet for pipes and for my mason jars.
  10. danielplainview

    Estate Pipe Collectors

    Nostalgia for sure. They don’t make em like they use to.
  11. danielplainview

    Show Us Your Spigots!

    3 years, no takers? Bump
  12. danielplainview

    How BIG is your cellar?

    I’m at work right now but here’s a few pics I have on my phone.