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    What Is the Single Most Special Blend, or Tin, in Your Stash?

    I've got about 6oz left of pipeinhand's "Halfling's Leaf" blend. It's the only aromatic in my collection, and the most popular blend amongst my family & friends. I only smoke it when I know I'll be around a campfire with them, and so it has become associated with friends, family, and good times...
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    Watcha Gonna Buy With Your Holiday Money?

    I was lucky enough to snag some Pelican from SP just before Christmas, and added on a tin of Warhorse Plug. That was my little xmas gift for myself.
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    February 2016 Cartoon Caption Winners are in!

    Congratulations to the winners!
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    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Not to derail the conversation here, but we should certainly meet up when it's warmer, mortonbriar & Andy. When I participated in a previous box pass, I did present the box to several local pipers. There was a lot of tobacco in there, but I made sure of a couple things 1. The box never left my...
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    Brigham had pipes with "dental bits" designed for the denture wearer's comfort. I don't have dentures, but when I put the bit's button behind my teeth, the pipe just sort of hangs there without any pressure required.
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    My New Estate Restorations

    Thanks for the tip, Tyler. @jdhayes - we use it here on our wooden cutting boards and spoons too. Here's a recipe to make your own, lasts a long long time. -
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    My New Estate Restorations

    Acquired at a local charity flea market event, the entire lot was $55cad. Included are (top to bottom): 1. Savinelli "Punto Oro" 541 KS 2. Peterson "System Standard" 303 (Republic era) 3. Bari "Exellent" 7054 Before: After: I gave the stems a vinegar & alchohol bath, then dumped them in...
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    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Well. There's at least one left. ;-) I participated in a previous box pass, and it ended poorly. I'm glad to see everyone going at it again, and that it's going very well.
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    Stonehaven Bloom Under the Microscope

    Thank you all for the kind words, I'm glad everyone's enjoying the pics! :) @randelli & @didimauw Bloom, or plume is a natural phenomenon that occurs on some tobacco as it ages. It looks like a white dust on the tobacco, and is considered to be a very positive sign of a) good aging and b)...
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    Stonehaven Bloom Under the Microscope

    I've had 8oz of Stonehaven aging in a mason jar for just over one year. I visually check on it periodically to ensure all is well, and recently had a concern it was beginning to show mold (you can read about that adventure here). Thankfully, there wasn't any mold, but I did end up taking some...
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    Man Builds Secret Pipe Smoking Lounge Behind Bookcase

    The Chive posted that without giving credit to the creator. Here's his original post and image gallery
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    Two Birthday Estate Pipes.

    jpmcwjr, sorry if I was unclear - scraped the inside of the bowl, with a very sharp pocket knife. I don't have a reamer, but I've found that using a sharp knife and being gentle removes a good amount of carbon/cake without damaging the bowl. I use the small blade on this knife (not my picture)...
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    Two Birthday Estate Pipes.

    It was recently my birthday, and I got two estate pipes as gifts. I did some basic clean-up on them. The Birks Regency had a huge amount of cake...I could barley get a BIC pen inside the bowl! The Hardcastle "Jack O'London" was in pretty good shape, just a quick scrape of the bowl and...
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    Blended Scotch Suggestions

    You may want to check out "Pure Malt" blends. This means it's blended from single malts, and the year indicates none of them would be aged less. For example, Glendower's Pure Malt 8 year means it's blended from single malts aged for 8 or more years. The result is a delicious whiskey that punches...
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    4noggins wiped out of all bulk tobaccos in mere hours!

    Yes indeed. Gawith Hoggarth too.