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    Louisville-Kentucky- Area

    I do not know of a Pipe Club that meets in Louisville, but it would be nice. There is a facebook group, Derby City Mortise & Tenon Club, though posts have been sparse lately. I live in southern Indiana near Louisville. It would be great if we could get some people together.
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    New Corncob Questions

    I also chisel out the wood shank and then pipe mud up to the draft hole. I think the cobs smoke better this way and I do not get the foul burning wood taste when they are new that way.
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    What are You Reading?

    Just finished Blood Aces The Wild ride of Benny Binion The Texas Gangster who created Vegas Poker It was a great read. Moving on to Still Searching for Pipe Dreams
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    Cellar App/Logging

    I use a spreadsheet and have it in Dropbox so I can access it from anywhere. The question is what does everyone's spreadsheets layout look like? Do you keep cost, and how do you track amounts on hand once a tin is opened?
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    Sleepy Hollow Tobacco by Strauss Co

    I jumped in and ordered 4oz. 4.15 a oz. Shipped it was right at $24. They give discounts as you buy more. I think they said over 4oz 10%, over 8oz 15%, and over 16 oz. 20%. Shipping is a flat $9.
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    Carrying Around a Pipe and Accoutrements....HOW ?????

    This is how I do it! At least for Pipes.
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    Photo Test Thread

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    Pipe Travel Case/Pouch Recommendations

    I think the Everett Burley pipe roll is a good option if you want to carry just two pipes and accessories. This is mine with one pipe, and a pipe stand in the other spot that a pipe could go.
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    Wood at the Bottom of Missouri Meerschaum Bowls

    I think chiseling out the shank in the bowl and adding pipe mud works great. I did it to all for of my MM's and they smoke wonderfully. I like them even more. It is extremely easy with a sharp chisel and does not take long. I recommend it if you do not like the burning wood taste you sometimes...
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    Budget cigars

    Depends on what you consider a budget cigar. Thompson has their Five pack fever and if you buy 4 five packs, they are $80. 4 dollars a cigar is not bad and you get to try 4 different five packs. They have some good selections in their five pack fever. I also just picked up a box of Rocky Patel...
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    My New (Old) Plug Cutter

    Wow, I love that Griswold cutter. I collect old cast iron, and that is some kind of find. I am envious! Now I am going to be looking for a plug cutter everywhere. Did you end up cleaning it up further or just leave it pretty much like you found it? If you want to clean the cast iron up you can...
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    Pictures of Pipe Tobacco

    Amazing pictures and now I am speechless. Marked as a favorite so I can come back from time to time.
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    Father the Flame at CPCC 2017

    So did anyone see the screening of the movie?
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    The Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show 2017

    Very nice pipes, I am just afraid of the cost of those beauties!!!! #maybenextyear
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    Removing Ash at mid bowl

    I am in the dump camp, at about the half way mark. It seems to freshen up the smoke.