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  1. bluesmk

    FIrst bowl in the morning

    Can't start my day without Escudo and black coffee. I smoke it in a very old thimble size Dublin by Stanwell. At least 2 bowls and a cup, you may now approach and speak. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  2. bluesmk

    Hello from Bethlehem PA

    Welcome blues4goose. Glad you found your way here. If your in the main building at CI make sure to say hello to Russ and I, may be able to steer you in the right direction. Again welcome. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  3. bluesmk

    What's Your Favorite Cherry Tobacco?

    Rattray's Terry Red, and IMHO the best cherry ever made. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  4. bluesmk

    Castello Factory Repair Service

    Georged, thanks for posting that thread. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  5. bluesmk

    Smoking in the Car

    Couldn't drive without my pipe in my mug and a Zippo in hand! LOL! Dan Gabrieli Pipe
  6. bluesmk

    Pipes and Coffee

    Black dark roast and Escudo in an ancient Stanwell is my morning starter, that said, dark roast and a Man o' War Puro Corona is sublime! ;) Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  7. bluesmk

    Dental, Briefly

    I here ya mso! lifesized, I have too much bone loss from disease, implants are out four me. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  8. bluesmk

    Dental, Briefly

    October,November, and December I had a series of 7 lower teeth removed. Two Crowned molars failed at the root. Long story short I got a lower plate for Christmas. Yes gettin old sucks. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  9. bluesmk

    Oil Cured Italian Pipes

    Oldgeezer, yes they were very well made. In retrosect, I'm sorry I ever traded the two I owned. They were great smokers. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  10. bluesmk

    Restoring a Dragon Claw Meerschaum...

    Great to see you back at work and feeling better Zak. Lovely old meer. I've been using the same respirator for a few years now. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  11. bluesmk

    Oil Cured Italian Pipes

    Here, should have included this: Dan, Gabrieli Pipes
  12. bluesmk

    Oil Cured Italian Pipes

    The short lived brand "Capitello". Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  13. bluesmk

    Daughters and Ryan

    I agree with Weezel Picayune is very good. I keep a half pound on hand. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  14. bluesmk

    OTC Tubs

    I concur with Ray47, my CH tubs have a great seal n them. Dan Gabrieli Pipes
  15. bluesmk

    Amazing Barling Fossil

    Stellar pipe ! Dan Gabrieli Pipes