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  1. antbauers

    GBD Prehistoric 269 Restoration

    As always nice work Al! This is a great shape. I love getting a pipe that's caked up like this. A lot of times, for me atleast, the walls will be in good shape like this one. Ofcourse then there's a couple times where it's heartbreaking.
  2. antbauers

    Chubby Chasing

    Gorgeous pipes, every single one!
  3. antbauers

    Ryan Alden Made A Pipe And I Bought It

    Im glad you picked this one, it found a great home. Great to hear his pipes receiving praise.
  4. antbauers

    Baldo Baldi re-stem (pic heavy)

    Amazing work as always George. This pipe looks great with the new stem. I think Baldo Baldi himself would very happy.
  5. antbauers

    Petition For Pipe Locator Modification

    Im glad you brought this up fitzy. I've been suggesting this myself for quite a while. I'm very glad to see the Sykes has it on his list and promptly replied to this thread. To me it speaks volumes of how great SP really is. Thanks Mr. Wilford.
  6. antbauers

    What Brand/Artisan is Most Represented in Your Collection?

    @pruss - no longer a fan?
  7. antbauers

    Rad Davis Alternatives

    +1 misterlowercase, some Jerry Crawford's definetly has a Rad look.
  8. antbauers

    Falcon pipes are amazing.

    @darwin - LOVE that Falcon.
  9. antbauers

    Falcon pipes are amazing.

    They are great smoking pipes. Not sure why'd you feel douchey but I love them. Just becareful with the draft tube, they are easily dented.
  10. antbauers

    Weekend PAD- Picture Heavy

    Very nice papipeguy, you got a great collection of M.Beraldi's. Love that Il Ceppo and its white stem. These are a couple of underrated pipe companies in my opinion.
  11. antbauers

    Recieved New Icarus Today

    I'd call that shape an acorn/strawberry. Looks like a great flake pipe to travel with, very nice.
  12. antbauers

    After 2 years and about 75 pipes...

    Great looking pipes Zack, as always. Great detail of carving the bamboo knuckle on the stummel and attaching them together without a transition peice in between. To me these small details make a huge difference in the overall look. The stem work and adornments just bring it all together...
  13. antbauers

    Horn stemmed vintage Ropp

    That would have been my choice also banjo, very nice. But I must also join davet in the resistance.
  14. antbauers

    Smio Satou Smooth Bent Pot with Tsuishu

    +1 jon11 Here some info on how Smio Satou uses urushi and the process of tsuishu. You can read the whole article by Sykes Wilford here.