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    Old Peterson With Some History and um... an Unusual Finish

    Thanks for the info on this series of pipes. I thought I read somewhere that these were of better quality, but it's hard to tell on this one! I didn't see any fills in it, and I don't think that even though Peterson has made some blunders on a few of their pipes, they would take a smooth pipe...
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    Old Peterson With Some History and um... an Unusual Finish

    Ok Peterson fans, time to get pissed at my click bait title. Although it is true, there is some history behind this pipe, but I'm not sure what it is. I can't seem to resist buying these type of pipes, so bear with me. This Pete seems to be a rather old pipe from the Dublin&London series. It's...
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    Nasty Lemon Tang

    The only tobacco that I thought had that type of flavor is Erinmore Flake. It took me awhile to put my finger on what the flavor reminded me of but... Lemon Pledge furniture polish is what finally came to mind. Not a real strong flavor mind you, but just a hint of it. I guess everybody's taste...
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    Pipes, Pups and Pets

    I tried to get our little dog interested in smoking the pipe, but it was a no go.
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    Smoked Fish And Now A Pipe

    Looks great! Lovely views and fish. (although, for me the onion to fish ratio is a little off) 😁
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    Hello from MS

    Welcome to the forums. I'm in MS myself and have been here for over 21 years. I love it, as I live in the country away from all the hub-bub. I recommend a corn cob from Missouri Meerschaum. Great pipes for just a few dollars. Otherwise, check out the pipes on the sponsor sites in the left...
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    Bong Like Pipe for Tobacco?

    Saw this little gem on eBay the other day. I've never seen anything like it for tobacco smokers. Dual purpose? cray
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    Hey, Wake Up! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Let us not forget mateys, that this be also drink like a Pirate Day! Get hot lads, break out the rum! (preferably better rum than this)
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    Hey, Wake Up! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Break out the Black Frigate and fire some up ya scurvy bunch! Don't make the Captain of the Black Frigate come over and set ye straight!
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    Great Photos Thread

    Natchez Mississippi a couple of years ago.
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    Fanatics of Cross Grain & Birdseye

    Yes, the pipe takes a pipe cleaner straight to the bowl with ease. Maybe they're not so much seconds as a sub-brand. Is there a difference? Who knows... all I know is that this is not a real small Lovat like some are and it appears to be well made and smokes great. As a rule I don't keep poor...
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    Hitting the Jackpot with a Grabow

    I guess those Dr. Grabow Golden Dukes were fairly nice pipes. Here's one I had, but sold it some time ago. Nice grain, but had some kind of lacquer finish on it that I didn't like too much and didn't want to spend the time to strip it off. :rolleyes:
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    Fanatics of Cross Grain & Birdseye

    I love a good birdseye grain! I find it more interesting than straight grain. I've had some nice birdseye grain pipes in the past that I've gotten rid of because I didn't like the way they smoked for various reasons. Here's one of my favorites that I've managed to keep. It's a Hyde Park which...
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    Show Us Your Unusual Pipes Here!

    I know I've posted the pipe before, but It's probably the most unusual pipe shape I have. A meerschaum from Olie Sylvester's Zombi series. He's got some imagination!
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    Yes a sad day indeed. He was a great drummer and in one of the best and most iconic rock bands in history.