Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 564

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 564

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 564! Our featured interview tonight is with Rich Rosseli. Rich has been making the Smith House brand of pipes for about five years now. His path to pipe making was paved by two gifts he received. First, he received a pipe from his uncle and discovered that he loved pipe smoking. Later, his wife gave him a pipe making kit for Valentine’s Day, and the rest is history. At the top of the show, Brian will go over the JDRF Fundraiser Pipes and accessories items to bid on.

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Rich Rosselli
Rich Rosselli

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2 Responses

  • It sounded like a great collection of stuff for the JDRF auction! Good wishes for a successful fundraiser.
    Rich was a delightful guest, with lovely looking pipes, for a part-time maker. He seems to have a great vision and outlook for his craft.
    Bing does this iconic song with just the right amount of schmaltz.
    I can’t stand the neighbors’ fireworks/war zone extravaganzas. My poor dog suffers near coronary arrest from these pyrotechnic exhibitionists. I feel true sympathy for the two vets down the street who have signs on their lawns asking folk to limit fireworks due to PTSD. And, really, how do these “mine is bigger than yours” competitors justify the hundreds of dollars spent to watch their “investment” go up in smoke?
    Thanks for an always entertaining show with a bang.

  • Sure sounds like the boys ponied up for the JDRF auctions. Wish you all the success in the world on them. Juvenile Diabetes is a genuine pain in the butt for all concerned. Wish everyone the best who has this.
    Rich was really an enjoyable guest. It was great to get a guest who didn’t immediately clam up when confronted with the Great Levine. He really has a gift for palaver as does everyone else from the Island. He said he was a part-timer but by my calculations he’s turning out over 100 pipes a year.
    Bing was marvelous with the song. It was nice to hear him but would have preferred Kate Smith.
    I love fireworks particularly the ones done by the city since they were kind enough to ban private ones. How do people justify it?? It’s just like drinking wine and then taking a whiz. Hell, how do we justify anything. All we are doing is procreating until we can’t anymore. I will tell you that I loathe bottle rockets and handheld ones. though. My son lost his eye because of a bottle rocket “fight” that him and the neighbor kid had. Kids do the darndest things.