McClelland Tastemaster Pipe Tobacco Review

McClelland Tastemaster Pipe TobaccoWhen I smoke a pipe I often do it away from everyone else in the house. It’s my time just to sit back and reflect on the day and think about what I’ve learned and what I’ve achieved. Occasionally though I get drawn into the family conversation and I don’t want those quiet reflective times … I want to be part of the conversation and smoke my pipe at the same time without filling the room with a note that most people might find unpleasant.
Finding a tobacco with that right note can be hard but, if you’re prepared to accept a few little flaws then Tastemaster is the tobacco that you will enjoy and the people around you won’t mind either.
First let’s look at what some might consider to be flaws. The tobacco from the tin I’m using doesn’t burn well … your mileage might be different but keeping it lit does take some effort and a few matches too. This is also a fairly sweet tasting tobacco that really seems to lack a tobacco taste.
Neither of those particularly bothered and I certainly did find the chocolate taste rather appealing and you will certainly notice the chocolate as soon as you open the tin. Straight out of the tin the tobacco is reasonably dry and I’ve been able to smoke it straight out of the tin without waiting for the tobacco to dry.
It’s definitely a cool smoke and with such large ratio of Cavendish in the blend you can be sure that you’ll notice that flavor. It’s not a tobacco that I would smoke all the time but when I want to sit with the family and enjoy the fun that families can have together then this is definitely the tobacco I’ll use.
Brand: McClelland
Tin Description: A smooth, creamy, chocolate-flavored aromatic pipe tobacco. It is genteel on the palate and abundantly flavorful throughout, owing to te excellence of the superior tobaccos chosen for this masterful blend.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Virginia
Cut: Coarse Cut Packaging: 50g Tin
Strength: Mild
Flavoring: Medium
Taste: Mild
Room Note: Pleasant
Recommendation: Recommended
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SPONSORED LINK: Order McClelland Tastemaster – Click Here!

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3 Responses

  • The McClelland blends are always interesting – even their bulk blends. There is so much attention to detail, whether it is something as trivial as the label or the blend itself.
    Really enjoy the idea of the online magazine, best wishes for your success!

  • Thanks Neil! It’s nice to know you enjoy McClelland too. I’m glad you like the site. Let me know if you want to have your own blog here and you can post your own reviews and talk about pipes and other stuff.