Mac Baren HH Rustica Review

Mac Baren HH Rustica

Let’s take a break from the world’s nonsense for a moment, because something more important is happening.  Allow me to elaborate: When I first heard about Mac Baren’s HH Bold […]

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John Cotton’s Double-Pressed Virginia

It seems like an eternity since I’ve sat down and written about tobacco, and it’s been a little less than a month. In that month, it’s been wild watching the […]

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Mississippi River Rum Barrel-Aged Review


Unlike the other folks of the Northern Hemisphere, Americans endure winter.  We hardly celebrate or embrace it, and when we do, it’s often expensive, like skiing, or specialized, like ice […]

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Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged Review

Close Up of a Slice

It was pretty wild to me today as I was writing no “1” in the space allotted for denoting the year. 2019 went out no more spectacular or horrific than […]

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Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged by Seattle Pipe Club Review

Seattle Pipe Club Clay Pipe and Bourbon Barrel Aged Plum Pudding

Bourbon Barrel Aged … fill-in-the-blank … but fill it in with Seattle Pipe Club’s Plum Pudding Tobacco … Holy Shit Dude! Sorry, but that’s what I say. That’s my uncontrollable […]

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Cornell & Diehl Manhattan Afternoon Tobacco Review

After a week straight of smoking Latakia blends, I was up for a nice sweet Virginia pipe tobacco. I also wanted to pop open a tin from my collection that […]

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W.Ø. Larsen Edition 2011 Pipe Tobacco Review

W.Ø. Larsen has become one of one favorite brands of Danish aromatic tobaccos. Just the words "Danish Aromatic Tobaccos" will make some pipe smokers cringe and wrinkle their noses in […]

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G.L. Pease Union Square Pipe Tobacco Review

I wasn’t planning on doing a review of Union Square, (since Bob did one already) but then I smoked it and was compelled to do so. I was actually traveling […]

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Balkan Sasieni Pipe Tobacco Review

Balkan Sasieni is kind of an almost famous tobacco … sort of. It’s name implies (and many have suggested, and others have disagreed) that it may be a substitute for […]

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G.L. Pease Chelsea Morning Pipe Tobacco Review

As soon as I open the tin, put my nose inside and inhale deeply, a smile lights up across my face. The delicious smoky Cyprian Latakia comes out first followed […]

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