Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon Pipe Tobacco Review

Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon is in a word, "Tangy". In two words, it is "Tangy & Sweet" I like it. I’m not sure why it doesn’t say so on the tin, but this tobacco blend is from McClelland. I have heard many people describing different McClelland blends as having a "ketchup" tin aroma, and a few of them even saying that it translated to the smoking taste. I have not experienced that, but if I really try hard to think of ketchup when I take a whiff of the tin, I can somewhat see where this comes from. Ketchup is tangy and sweet. So is Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon. Although I do not really get ketchup from this blend, if you have picked it up in other McClelland blends, you might get it here too. If so, maybe you should try it with a burger and fries!

If you like VA/Per (Virginia / Perique) blends, you will like Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon. If you aren’t sure about VA/Per blends or if they tend to bite you, this is a good one to start with as the toasting process has mellowed the Virginia without sacrificing any of the sweet flavor. I bought a tin of this to try several months ago, and I immediately liked it, and bought a second tin, which I just started. It is mild-to-medium with a great taste and tolerable room note. Others have said it is one-dimensional, meaning the flavor stays the same throughout. I don’t see anything wrong with this as it is a good flavor. However, I did get just a little bit of caramel that snuck in and out on occasion when I took a break, drank some water and switched the pipe to the other side of my mouth.

I love the tin aroma on this. BB Acadian Ribbon is one of those tobaccos that delivers what it promises between the tin aroma and the actual taste you get when smoking. I would say this can be smoked at any time of day, but I would not classify it as an all-day blend as the sweet and tangy taste will tend to get old if you have too much of it. I can do a couple of bowls in a row though, and then I’m done with it for a day. The aroma I get when smoking it is that of high quality tobaccos. It just has everything you would expect a good tobacco to smell like without any of the potential negative qualities.

As the smoke progresses, it gets a little bit spicier as the Perique comes through a little more. The ribbon cut makes it easy to load, easy to light and easy to keep lit. Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon is truly a tasty and pleasing smoke. Try it out if you are interested in Virginia / Perique blends (VA/Per). It will be a good blend to smoke while you are reading our article, "The Mystique of Perique".

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: McClelland
Blender: McClelland Tobacco Company
Tin Description: The best sweet, tangy matured Virginias meld with subtle, cool Perique in an easy-to-pack, rich ribbon blend, smoothed by the Blakeney exclusive toasting process.
Country of Origin: US
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Perique, Virginia
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 50g Tin
Strength: Medium
Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable
Recommendation: Recommended

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