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The Perique Pilgrimage

E. Roberts There were fifty of us on the bus, heading west out of New Orleans early on a Friday morning. A cross section of backgrounds, men and women, old […]

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New Vintage Decade Series Perique Tobacco Announced

PipesMagazine.com was the exclusive media to see the advanced unveiling of the new Decade Series Perique Tobacco before it was announced to anyone else – a day in advance of […]

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Cornell & Diehl Kajun Kake Pipe Tobacco Review

Cornell & Diehl’s Kajun Kake is aptly named. It has Perique Tobacco, hence "Kajun" and it is a crumble cake cut, therefore, "Kake". We have another reason for the word […]

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Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon Pipe Tobacco Review

Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon is in a word, "Tangy". In two words, it is "Tangy & Sweet" I like it. I’m not sure why it doesn’t say so on the […]

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The Mystique of Perique

Perique is a unique and rare type of tobacco that comes exclusively from one small swath of land near New Orleans. It is used as a "condiment tobacco" to make […]

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Pipe Tobacco – it’s not all the same

So you’ve been thinking of trying a pipe but you’re not sure of which tobacco to try? Perhaps it’s time to stop pondering which tobacco to use and just take […]

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