The Pipe is a Symbol of Masculinity in China

We received a fun and interesting email from Rick Newcombe the other day. Rick, the author of "In Search of Pipe Dreams", just came back from a trip to China and found that a smoking pipe is certainly a symbol of masculinity in that country. They demonstrate it in a amusing way. A smoking pipe symbol is used to designate the Men’s Restroom, whereas a high heel shoe designates the Lady’s Restroom.

Rick said:

I was in China earlier this month and spotted this universal artwork to designate "men’s rooms" and "women’s rooms." The toilets were at one of the ferry piers in Shanghai. I’m not sure what your pipe babes would do, but I thought many of your readers might find this interesting.

Here are the photos –

9 Responses

  • Since my “battle” with Mrs. Cortez over TAD vs. shoe purchases is notorious in these precincts, I find it amusing that these Chinese symbolisms are quite the metaphor for my household. Loads of laughs around here! Thanks! 🙂

  • Here in The U.S.A. the nonsmokers would wet them self be for going in a rest room with a pipe on it.

  • Thank you for posting these pics. I enjoyed the new perspective on the symbolism of these objects.

  • LOL, We Americans could take a lesson from that! If we used those symbols in our country there would be anti-smokers sneering every time someone went to the restroom!

  • LOL!
    When I read this and looked at the photos I immediately thought about Cortez and his ongoing struggle with SWMBO.
    Just plain cool.

  • Just as an aside to this.
    When I was in Hong Kong a several years ago, If you politely asked for the location of the “rest room” you were inevitably directed to the nearest restaurant. Toilet, water closet or WC were the accepted/recognized terms. Never saw a pipe, though.

  • In Sunny Sydney, there would be quite a few scenarios where the high heel would be more appropriate than the pipe, if you catch my drift…