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By Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend is a nice sweet and smoky smell. You can tell that there is Latakia in the blend from the smoky aroma, but it is not an overpowering aroma of Latakia. The moisture content is perfect for smoking right away with no drying time needed. I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light, I was greeted by the nice smoky aroma of the Latakia with some sweetness to it. Although the Latakia stood out in the aroma, it was not heavy like most other Latakia blends. It was a little more subdued. Flavor wise, I tasted a smoky, sweet taste with a hint of something that is difficult to describe. I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for a relaxing smoke.

At the beginning of the bowl, I taste the smoky, sweetness from the Latakia and Virginia tobaccos. There are some hints of citrus as well as another flavor, or two, that I can’t quite put my finger on. The bowl has barely started and it is already pretty complex…and it tastes very good. The flavor profile stayed the same from start to finish. It was a very nice and tasty complex flavor. At times the citrus notes became more pronounced and then faded back into the background. The finish is very nice as well; I am picking up on hints of a toasted flavor and what, to me, tastes like hints of black coffee.

This is a very good blend and I like it a lot. It smokes cool, dry, and doesn’t bite. It has a nice complex flavor that keeps it interesting. This is a nice medium Latakia/English blend where the Latakia isn’t overpowering turning the blend into a Latakia bomb. Not that there is anything wrong blends that are Latakia bombs, but sometimes a nice medium blend hits the spot. If you like Latakia, especially in a medium flavor profile, I think that you will really enjoy Namaste’. I Highly Recommend it!

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Brand: Hearth & Home (pipesandcigars.com)
Blend: Namaste’
Description: In honor of our good friend, Robert Tucker, this is a complex, light English blend. Sweet, citrusy notes combine with a floral/toasty flavor and is finished off with the rich smokiness of premium Latakia. Cool-burning, this is a smoke for any time.
Country: US
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Virginia, Oriental, Latakia
Strength: Medium
Taste: Smoky, Sweet, Citrus, Toasted, Hints of Black Coffee
Room Note: Tolerable to Strong

Hearth & Home Namaste’ – Click Here to Order Now!


Hearth & Home Namaste’ – Click Here to Order Now!


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