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By Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend smells great. I am picking up on the vanilla and bourbon. There is also a very intriguing lightly fruity aroma accompanied by a coconut essence. I really like the complexity of the tin aroma. There is a lot there. The moisture content of this blend is perfect for smoking right out of the tin. I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light.

On the charring light I was greeted by the aroma of vanilla and it also smelled like some kind of pastry. The flavors that I detect are predominately vanilla and there is also a light fruity flavor to it as well. I finished lighting the pipe and sat back seeing where this blend would go.

From the beginning, I am picking up on some of the vanilla and some fruity flavors as well. The fruit flavors are kind of indescribable for me. I know that it is fruity, but I can’t really say what kind of fruit flavors that it is. A little way into the smoke, I also started picking up on some light hints of coconut. The flavors are definitely not overpowering and in fact, I had to focus quite a bit on the smoke to be able to tell what I was tasting. You have to be careful smoking this blend because the flavors are so subtle that you might find yourself over puffing and making it smoke hot looking for them. I have done this with this blend and although it didn’t bite, which is good, the smoke was quite hot and bothersome.

By the mid-bowl point, the flavors are still there, but seem to be fading some. The few hints of the coconut at the beginning were nice and I wish that the coconut flavor would have lasted longer. The finish is really nice though and I can actually still taste a very light vanilla and fruity taste on my palate. From around the 1/4 point throughout the end, the individual flavors fell off completely and changed to more of a generic sweet taste. I also lost the individual flavors on the finish and the finish became just a generic sweet taste.

This blend has quality tobacco, didn’t bite, smoked dry, didn’t get bitter, and didn’t leave a mess in the pipe. It has some pretty good flavors that were distinguishable for the most part. All in all, this is a good aromatic blend that some of you might like to try.
I Recommend it.

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Brand: CAO
Blend: Moontrance
Description: Exotic Fruit & Bourbon Vanilla
Country: DE
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Black Cavendish, Virginia
Strength: Mild
Taste: Light Vanilla, Light Fruit, Sweet, Light Hint of Coconut
Room Note: Pleasant

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CAO Moontrance – Click Here to Order Now!


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