Michael Gladis of Mad Men – Part III

Here is Part III and the Conclusion of our interview with Michael Gladis, who plays the pipe smoking copywriter, Paul Kinsey, on AMC TV’s Mad Men. If you missed it in the beginning, Mr. Gladis smokes a pipe in real life, and we enjoyed smoking during the entire interview. We sat down in the private smoking lounge at Davidoff of Geneva in New York City, while we smoked an exclusive blend from Nat Sherman in NYC, called Old Oxford Blend No. 649. Michael liked it so much, that I gave him my bag.

In this last part of the interview we find out what Michael smokes during filming of the show. (He is the only person that gets to smoke real tobacco.)

We find out which actor started Michael pipe smoking again and gave him one of the pipes he smoked on Mad Men. We talk more about the show, his other acting gigs, and of course, we continue talking about pipes, his pipe collection and you will see that Michael knows his stuff when comes to acting and pipes.




Michael Gladis of Mad Men – Part I

Michael Gladis of Mad Men – Part II



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Order Mad Men: Season 3 Now!


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16 Responses

  • Thanks for the compliments guys! I love Mad Men too, and they won another Golden Globe on Sunday!

  • The best for last. That was a great interview Kevin. I love the part about, the instant bond one pipe smoker has with another, be it a total stranger. Interviews are just one of the great things, I love about this site. Keep up the great work.

  • Thank you. I believe these interviews may be the most relaxed and interesting interviews I have ever watched. I agree with “dunendain’s” observation addressing “the instant bond between one pipe smoker has with another”. There is nothing like chatting and reminiscing with total strangers who are your friends that share the ineffable bond.
    Once again, Thanks for this quality work.

  • I thought Mr. Gladis was very graceful and congenial. The interview and setting was wonderful. To me he look’s kind of like Orson Wells. Well done Mr. Godbee.

  • I had found Mr. Gladis to be a very wonderful and congenial fellow. Personelly I think he look’s like Orson Wells. I thought that the interview was great and well done Mr. Godbee.