Michael Gladis of Mad Men

Michael Gladis plays the pipe smoking copywriter, "Paul Kinsey" on AMC TV’s Mad Men. Not only does his character Paul smoke a pipe, but Mr. Gladis smokes a pipe in real life.

PipesMagazine.com Editor & Publisher, Kevin Godbee sat down with Michael Gladis in the private smoking lounge at Davidoff of Geneva in midtown Manhattan on November 14, 2009. They talked about pipe smoking, his role on Mad Men, and his acting career in general. Michael is charming, friendly, and witty while he enjoys smoking his pipe and giving us the inside scoop on Mad Men and telling us how he is similar to Paul Kinsey. See Part I of our video interview with Michael Gladis here and see if you can get the trivia question right at the end.






See Part II of the Michael Gladis Interview Here


See Part III of the Michael Gladis Interview Here


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Order Mad Men: Season 3 Now!


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24 Responses

  • Great Interview,
    My favorite show! I love the way they have worked to make that show time period correct.

  • What a great interview. I always enjoy seeing the next generation of pipe smokers being profiled and its even better to see movie/tv stars who are proud to be pipe men as well.

  • Kevin, that was a very professional interview. You really kept it rolling. Do I see a talk show in the future?

  • “Do I see a talk show in the future?”
    Ha ha ha! No effin way. That’s way too much work … well, maybe if I can smoke the whole time like I did here.

  • My oldest son was very impressed that you two were smoking pipes in an interview. I grew up watching Carson smoking while interviewing, but my son is 20 and he has only seen PC bullshirt.

  • Yes, I felt it was mandatory that we smoke pipes during the interview. That is what this site is all about, and we are all about promoting a wonderful hobby that so many evil, misguided people are trying to kill.
    I want it to be obvious that we are for real here at PipesMagazine.com, and that the guy that owns the company (me) is a real pipe smoker.
    If we are talking about pipes, we are going to smoke pipes. The interview was originally going to take place in LA and I was scouting a location there and having a little trouble with it.
    Then it got moved to NY when Michael scored a couple of roles on two different TV shows that film there. You’ll hear more about that in Part III.
    Davidoff came through nicely for us by letting us use their private lounge.

  • We are editing Part II now. Don’t hold me to it, but I think it should be up for New Years Eve.

  • Thank you Kevin. I hope everyone knows how much work you have invested in this site. I, for one really appreciate it mate.

  • Great interview Kevin. I vote Orson Wells. I also suggest that your pipe should be cleaned with Courvoisier. Your pipe should have the very best.
    Tom Soles

  • Very nice, professional interview, Kevin. Good questions, and good answers.
    I’ve never seen the show (I haven’t watched TV in years), but I’ve heard good things about it. Mr. Gladis sounds like he takes his craft seriously and with intelligence, which makes him an actor worth watching and speaks well for the show. Maybe I’ll check it out on disk.
    Oh, and thanks for mentioning Chuck Woolery’s clothier — seems he has a new one.

  • Thanks Garrett!
    The show is great. It is only 1 of 2 shows I watch. From the little bit I am getting to know you here, I think you would enjoy the show.
    I really appreciate your attention to detail. You seem to be the first person that read the credits.
    If my girlfriend Laura could get a hold of Chuck Woolery, she would fix him up with the right clothes.

  • My wife and I love this show. The actors and writers are very true to the time period portrayed. Mad Men is spot on with the fashion, attitude, and sets. Plus, the story line and plots are great. This is the only American show we watch.