New G.L. Pease Sextant Blend – Teaser

Kevin Godbee

Gregory L. Pease

I must be one of the luckiest people alive!
Everything is great! Business is great! The weather is great! The view is great! I have a smokin’ hot girlfriend, great staff working on with me … and most importantly – I have great friends.
I am so lucky that, not only does Greg Pease write two columns for, and is the Associate Editor of our sister site,, but we have become friends as well. We have common interests outside of pipes, tobacco and cigars … but this post is about pipe tobacco … and … uh … how damn lucky I am.
I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the few taste testers of the soon to be released, G.L. Pease Sextant.
Don’t hate me.
This stuff is really awesome, and I am not just saying that, although I’m sure there will be a few cynics in the audience rolling their eyes and thinking I’m just pimping out my friend’s new product.
Hint: That was my full disclosure, so don’t give me any grief. These are my real impressions.
My initial email to Greg after the first bowl was as follows –

This is an extremely tasty blend. Whether you like it or not, I will always consider you a Master Blender. 😉
[That’s an inside joke.]
I would not have known there was [censored] in it if you didn’t tell me. My perception after one bowl was not that of a [censored] style. For most of the bowl I had Fajitas on my mind – seared, and slightly charred meat with some tanginess, mild spices and citrus. The finish was dark roast coffee / espresso.
The Latakia was subtle. I wouldn’t have been sure it was there, just like the [censored], without you telling me in advance. All of the tobaccos work great together with none of them dominating. I didn’t get a buzz, but I was very relaxed. I almost could have closed my eyes for a little nap. I had a couple of hiccups from the nicotine near the end, but they quickly subsided.
I think this is going to be a real winner. I love Lagonda, and Sextant isn’t too far behind for a nice full-flavored, charred-meat, tangy-tasting blend.
The 5 guys smoking cigars at the shop all said they liked the room-note, that it smelled natural and good to them as cigar smokers.
Some additional impressions after a 2nd and 3rd bowl are that this is a full-flavored, yet extremely smooth blend. Nose-exhales brought out even more flavor, and didn’t burn at all. The smoke has a nice heavy, full mouth-feel, but is mild and light when exhaled through the nose with your mouth closed.
Sextant is the latest edition to the Old London Series, therefore I presume Greg has classified it as an “English blend”. However, I feel that label may be a bit limiting.
If I were told nothing of what the blend consisted of, and had to categorize based on my smoking experience, I would have a hard time doing so.
It does not have a strong campfire flavor or aroma, although there is smokiness, but more of a meaty-smokiness, and it is full of flavor.
Sextant reminds me of the old tag line for Chunky Soup – “So thick you could eat it with a fork, but bring a spoon because you’ll want to get every drop”. In this case, bring a pipe.
I would recommend trying Sextant if you like English blends, but also if you like Virginia / Burley, Heavy Burley, Full-Bodied Virginia / Periques, Oriental (Balkan) blends, or anything that has a full flavor, subtle tangy notes, mild smokiness and well-hidden background sweetness. I am not saying there is Burley in this, and I am not saying there is Perique in it. I know what is in it, but I am sworn to secrecy. Even if I told you what was in it, you wouldn’t believe me anyway.
Sextant doesn’t taste like any other pipe tobacco I’ve ever smoked. There is nothing to compare it to. It’s so unique and delicious that you just need to try it for yourself.

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  • Nice article: a sneaky peek to create a sneaky pique …of our appetites. 🙂

  • Hey! Alright! A new Pease blend that I’ll have to wait 6 months to get because every retailer will sell out of it thanks to your “Sneak Peek”! Next time keep it “hush-hush” until I’ve had time to order it!

  • Any hints as to what varieties are inside the can for sure? I’m looking for an English with a bit of Perique to try and this sounds like it might be it.

  • No perique in this one, I’ll say that much. But, there’s always Chelsea Morning and Quiet Nights, also in the Old London Series, and there’s Blackpoint from the Classic Collection. If you want Latakia mixtures with a bit-o-perique, I’ve got you covered! Chelsea Morning is on the light side, Quiet Nights and Blackpoint are fuller. As for having to wait six months, it shouldn’t be a problem. Production will be ramped up for the release, so it should be generally available fairly quickly after the announcement. I hope we learned a thing or two from the JackKnife Plug stampede. 😉

  • I bet you he put small slivers of dried fajitas in there…
    Sounds like something that I will throw my bank account at.
    Can’t wait to try it!

  • I think it has Syrian, follow my deduction. In the April 2012 issue of Astronomy magazine there is an article in the secretsky column referring to the history of the Sextans constellation. Divine intervention perhaps??

  • For those who don’t have the issu, who created Sextans the constellation, the very first Sextant created by Johannes Helvelius was consumed by fire. Could this be a hint??

  • Nope. No cigar leaf. No Syrian. Though, I really like Brandon’s thought process with this one. But, the principles of the sextant were created by Isaac Newton, who spent his later years in London (remember, it’s the Old London Series). The octant, the predecessor to the sextant, was invented by John Hadley, a London mathematician. The sextant was an evolution of the octant, invented by astronomer and mathematical instrument maker John Bird, whilst working in London.
    The name does have other pertinence, however. That’s all I’m saying!

  • I bet it is some aromatic element. Newton actually invented the working principle behind the sextant. Maybe apple flavoring?

  • No on the apple. And, since there are many tobaccos that, in themselves, are quite aromatic, Latakia amongst them, I couldn’t possibly categorically deny that there’s an “aromatic element” involved. Definitely not apple, though.

  • No apple, aye? I hope after all this guessing it isn’t something simple like “dark fired Kentucky”.

  • Wow!!!
    So many predictions!! All we can guarentee is that this blend will, like all the other GLP offerings, be of the highest quality!! Cant wait to get hold of a couple of tin’s!!!

  • I am hoping for some rum! It would fit with the whole “maritime exploration” theme… You know, sailors and all that. But no Burley, please 😉

  • No cigar, no cav, no Syrian, no perique. Confirmed on VA, orientals and latakia. If this sticks with the Old London series’ formula of relying “solely on the natural flavours and aromas of pure tobaccos, without any added casings, sauces or top dressing,” that doesn’t leave much. I think Jammer got it: KY. I hope he’s right.

  • Sextant is also one of my absolute favorite Herbie Hancock records. I will no doubt in future enjoy smoking this mixture while listening to that very album.

  • Good research Cptaz! Still I hope there is a little rum or something in there despite it all… Maybe the mystery ingredients are stoved va’s? I have had bad experiences with burley so I hope there’s none in there…. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  • It’s not on the market yet, Jaysin. It should hopefully be out early next month, but that is not official.

  • I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Greg at our quarterly pipe club dinner meeting, where Greg is a member. He brought a tin of Sextant and everyone loved it. I enjoyed a bowl of it after a slice of the Myer Lemon Meringue Pie I made, and after much prodding he did reveal the secret ingredient, and I have to say that I never would have guessed it. It is just plain delicious and satisfying, and sure to be a hit. I know I will be stocking up on it.
    He also regaled us with some vintage Fillmore and Westminster (which I smoked out of the host’s monster sized JT Cooke Canadian). They too were OUTSTANDING!
    I must admit, however, that the pickled chipotle peppers he brought were what stuck in my mind the most 😉
    Thanks Greg, and I promise not to reveal the secret ingredient.

  • Ah, but there are two secret ingredients! All will be revealed soon enough. If the post office delivers my label proofs, I’ll finally be able to move to the next step, but suffice to say that manufacturing is already happening, and the first batches should ship in just over a week.
    Glad you enjoyed the chipoltes, Señor Barling. It was a particularly good batch. The morita chiles I got for it were exceptional, with a perfect balance of heat and smokiness. I need to make another batch soon, as I’m almost out myself.

  • So now that the ingredients have been released on your site, can we talk about it? Or is this a “they must discover them on their own” sort of thing?

  • Ah, yes. It took no time for people to find that. 😉 For those who missed it, here’s the description: Sextant A classic mixture harmoniously interwoven with a Navy flake. Ripe Virginia tobaccos, Cypriot Latakia, fine Orientals, and a touch of dark-fired Kentucky leaf, infused with a hint of dark rum, then gently pressed, matured, and sliced. Rich, bold and satisfying.
    It’s shipping soon. Not as soon as I’d hoped, but by next mid-week, it will start going out regularly.

  • I’m smoking it now. It’s very bold, very spicy and very, very good! Put on your big boy pants and then prepare to have them knocked off!