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Professional Writers / Experts in Pipes, Tobacco or Legislation

We currently have a full stable of writers, but we are always open to new possibilities for exceptional content. Most of the articles used on are commissioned by our editors. Occasionally, we do publish unsolicited material. To query us on an article idea, send an email with an outline that describes the piece. If you have not been published on, please send writing samples along with your email. The general Contact Form is here.

You will receive a written response indicating whether or not your article has been accepted for publication.

Qualifications – To be published on the main articles section of you should be considered an expert in a relevant field that is of particular interest to our readership. Writers that have been published before are given higher consideration. If you have been published before, please provide references to the published works.

Articles submitted for review must be original works on the part of the authors, must not have been published previously, and must not be under review with another publication at any time during the review process.

If we publish your article, the terms are that these are works for hire and the copyright transfers to / Right Click Media, LLC. They will be published on the website under your name in perpetuity, but cannot be published elsewhere. Exclusive rights remain with / Right Click Media, LLC. You would be an independent contractor and not an employee. You can have a byline at the end of the article to promote yourself.

Tips for authors

* Read to get a feel for its style.

* Articles typically range between 1,500 and 3,000 words.

* The magazine’s articles must go beyond presenting facts; they must tell a story. The first two or three paragraphs (the "lead") must grab the readers’ attention and tell them what the article is about. The article should contain a thread, or argument, that develops in a coherent direction as details supporting the lead are delivered and should end in a meaningful conclusion that summarizes its content.

* Use active verbs and avoid the passive voice.

* Vary the lengths of sentences and paragraphs, but generally, keep them short.

* Describe complex ideas concisely and with clarity. Wherever possible, use metaphors or analogies relating to everyday life.

* Write to express, not to impress. Avoid needlessly complex terms. If you think the average reader would have to look up a word’s meaning in a dictionary, don’t use it.

* Include graphics (jpegs or gifs) with your submission. High resolution is not necessary for the web.

* Submit captions for the photos and graphics. If your photos include people, please include their names and a brief description of their roles in the story. Limit captions to two sentences.

* A complete article submission contains the following: headline, author, text, photo or graphic, and photo captions.

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