Dunhill Pipe Tobacco Returns to the US

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There have been rumors in the past, but this time it is true. We have it straight from British American Tobacco, the owners of the Dunhill Tobacco trademark – Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos will once again be available in the United States, most likely in September 2010.

Last week I was in Denmark with Sykes Wilford from SmokingPipes.com. Part of our trip consisted of touring the Orlik factory, which is one of the largest pipe tobacco factories in the world. Mr. Troels Mikkelsen, the Factory Manager, took Sykes and I on a tour of the factory. (We will have pictures and videos of the Orlik factory in future articles). During the factory tour he mentioned that they would start producing Dunhill Tobaccos in August for the US market, and suggested we get official word from headquarters.

He connected us with Mr. Richard Henger from BAT in Holland. We spoke to him on the phone and he confirmed that Dunhill was coming back to the States.

Today, we received word from Patrick Smith from BAT in Switzerland and he provided the following:

"No other pipe tobacco brand matches Dunhill’s sense of craftsmanship, heritage and tradition. The eclectic range we have chosen to re-launch comprises a number of classic blends such as ‘My Mixture’, which dates back to the days when personalized blends were created at the Dunhill shop. Of course, some of the variants in the range are allowed to express their unique personality and usage occasion through quirky and ephemeral design executions.

1. Dunhill Pipe Tobacco will be on show at the IPCPR Show in New Orleans in August and more fully available in September 2010.
2. The importer will be CAO, and discussions are finalizing in regards to prices.
3. The skus are attached."


Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos have been world-renowned for decades, and Americans have been yearning for their return after an absence of about two years.

The Dunhill Tobaccos that are coming back are; Dunhill Early Morning Pipe, Dunhill My Mixture 965, Dunhill Night Cap, Dunhill Royal Yacht, and Dunhill Standard Mixture.

UPDATE July 28, 2010After hearing rumors of more than the five blends listed above, we checked with BAT and were informed of the following … see below …

"The initial outlay on show in New Orleans will be five skus, as shown. After the show and based on demand, there are four more distinct skus to be added and that will be available, along with the 5lb bag of three. More specifically;

At the Show:

Early Morning Pipe
Standard Mixture Medium
The Royal Yacht
My Mixture 965

Later on, we will add:


Dunhill Flake
Dunhill London Mixture
Dunhill Standard Mixture Mellow
Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls

…and we will also have

5 lbs

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
Dunhill My Mixture 965
Dunhill Nightcap


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27 Responses

  • Thanks awesome news! 3 of my 4 favorites are there. Now if they would only add Light Flake it would be perfection.

  • Thank you so much for the announcement! I an a new pipe smoker, just started this past October, so I have been yearning to try all of Dunhill’s blends. Now I will get a chance to try some of them. 😀
    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the rumor mill started in on it a while ago. I emailed CAO and they emailed me back confirming but said that there were 12 SKUs. Are they bringing back 6 blends in 2 different sizes each?

  • Bryon Oost has posted on Smokers Forum that he has been informed by his CAO representative that the entire list is for 12 blends, including the five you have listed and then 7 others. Like your anouncement he was told the original rollout would be at New Orleans. The total list he gave was:
    Early Morning Pipe
    Standard Mixture Medium
    The Royal Yacht
    My Mixture 965
    Deluxe Navy Rolls
    Standard Mixture
    London Mixture
    Three Year Mature Virginia
    Stardard Mixture Mild
    Light Flake
    Al (in Canada)

  • Christmas might be too early; we’ll probably have to wait six months after the delivery of the first Dunhill tins for the feeding frenzy to subside somewhat and the supply levels to stabilize.

  • Al, thanks for the info, and the link to the thread on SF.
    Our info is straight from British American Tobacco, who controls the Dunhill Pipe Tobacco brand.
    However, we have a call into CAO, and BAT to see what they say about this.

  • It seems there will be more blends coming “based on demand” according to BAT. There is no firm date on those yet. The article has been updated with the new information above.

  • Well, I wonder if we are going back to the good ol’ stuff, or just the old stuff remembered with the renewed Dunhill tabac? Seems to me Dunhill started jiggering with the recipes, or maybe that was BAT. I loved 965, the old version, with deer tongues hanging about. Or maybe I am just remembering the good old days and my tastes changed. Something happened before 965 left us like a forlorn lover two years ago. But, regardless of my skepticism, I am very glad to see the return of the Dunhill tabacs. Now, if we can just keep the rose petals flavors in Denmark!

  • Andrew, the trade show referenced is IPCPR, which is for the trade only. The general public is not allowed in.

  • I was only able to try a small sample of 965 several years ago, early on in my pipe smoking days. Would like to retry it, along with several others of the ones listed. Also glad to see this venerable line come back to the U.S. I do hope they will try to make the mixtures as Dunhill originally made them.

  • ,,far foooooooooooking out! !! my supply is getting low purchased 12lbs in 2000 10 years old is just about the bottom of the barrel my EMP thank you thank you!! now it seems i cant get my squadron leader,, if its not one its the other down to my last lbs of that it was purchased in 2002 <<< living in the bush of alaska i expect to run out now and then but for companies not to make stuff after 100years just doesnt seem right smoke on

  • So in the U.S., but what about good old Europe? In our country (Croatia, Slovenia) can still get 956 and EMP.
    But what about the other beauty that we now BAT and Orlik offer? Will and it will be for us poor Europeans?

  • BAT’s response to the above question:
    We are currently available in Germany, through Gebr. Heinemann [www.gebr-heinemann.de ].. Our default offer in Germany is the box of five; My Mixture 965, Standard Mixture Medium, Early Morning Pipe, Nightcap and Royal Yacht. We wlll be adding distributors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East over the course of the final quarter of 2010 and will keep you in the loop…

  • Great news! Any words of retailers having them in stock yet??
    Havent seen anything new online yet 🙁

  • The latest word is that it will be closer to early October for them to be arriving in the US, so probably more like mid-October to be on retail shelves.

  • Dunhill blends are back in UK now. Unfortunatly missing “Nightcap”. The following are available:-
    Early Morning Pipe
    My Mixture 965
    Navy Rolls
    Dunhill Flake
    London Mixture
    Standard Mixture
    Royal Yacht.

  • THANK YOU for returning DUNHILL tobacco back into the World market!
    I do some “World traveling” and found the BEST DUNHILL blend for me to find in Airports, and Local Shops in various cities!
    Living in Los Angeles, I have my favorite local blend. But when outside of USA, I was always happy to find Dunhill in most any city/town. – UNTIL 2009 while in Amsterdam, I could not find any Dunhill at all.
    I found out that it was discontinued to my dismay etca. =(I was very upset with many questions).
    NOW I am happy to find my “965” again on the Market!
    Just saying THANX after dismay!