Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos Now Coming mid-November 2010





The latest news on the availability of Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos in the U.S. market is that they are in production now, and will be available in mid-November 2010.


Many pipe tobacco consumers eagerly await the return of Dunhill tobaccos to the U.S. market, while others have shunned the brand. Some pipesters post of their ill will in pipe smokers forums as a result of Dunhill’s past retreat from the U.S. market. They feel that they have been taken for granted and ignored. Others feel that the new production will not match the quality or taste of the old production. The initial promises of September availability, which then changed to October, and now to November are fueling further resentment and skepticism in the pipe community.

Even so, retailers report high demand, amidst myriad inquires and expect to sell-out almost immediately. Even though some pipe smokers are angry and concerned about the quality of the new production, there are a vast number of pipe enthusiasts that have never had the chance to try Dunhill tobaccos in the past and are enthusiastic to do so.

This reporter has never smoked the older Dunhill production, but has had the opportunity to smoke the new production. Everyone of them has been excellent. So even though there are frustrated defecting consumers from the Dunhill tobacco brand, our guess is they will remain in high demand and experience brisk sales.


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  • Good question Kevin.
    “Are you pissed about past unavailability of Dunhill tobaccos and refuse to buy them when they come back, or you can’t wait to get your hands on some?”
    There are some great bulk blends that are attempts at cloning the Dunhill taste, but just don’t quite cut the mustard. And, as I’m not fully versed on the reasons that prompted the decision to pull Dunhill tobaccos from the US market, I will not hold that decision against them.
    I for one will celebrate the return of those classics to the US market.

  • Personally, I have smoked Dunhill Tobacco for the last 25 years. I think Dunhill told us what their plans are when the pulled their tobacco from the market in America and cut back on selling pipes and increased their clothing inventory in their shops. CAO has been talking about bringing back tobaccos for years, and Dunhill most recently… seems to me they are talking. It’s like we hear from the movie stars, any publicity is good publicity, even if it’s just talk.

  • It always takes longer to get stocks together , ship , and get them in the distribution system than first estimated . Good things are worth waiting for and I for one am patiently waiting for Dunhill to get back to the U.S. market . I’m glad they found a distributor in the U.S. . Thanks for the updates and the e-mag in general . Many thanks , Yarekim

  • It’ll be interesting to see the return and taste them. I’m awaiting them patiently. I have nothing to compare them to but Esoterica as it was suggested that they were picking up the slack left by Dunhill. We shall see.

  • I never want to see a good tobacco leave us. Having said that however, the marketing manager in me has to say that the way Dunhill handled their business was very bad, many of us have moved on to other blends now.

  • I live in Japan, so I have access to Dunhill Blends. I Like My Mixture 965 and EMP. I look forward to smoking Nightcap, but the Pipe shop I go to in Tokyo is not aware that they are even going to bring back this blend.
    That said, I think Dunhill makes some good tobacco. I personally like Squadron Leader by Samuel Gawith as my current favorite English blend.

  • Dunhill Nightcap is my main tobacco and it is a really great smoke. I am hoping this and EMP plus Alfreds Own will come back. I think the Dunhill Tobac is actually the best around, I have my cellar full of it. Here hoping it does not change too much.

  • They have done a very poor job in public relations in my opinion and a lot of us have moved on to other brands and blends. Until they get their act together and become a dependable resource, I will not be switching back, I might buy a blend of theirs now and then but none will be my mainstay.

  • Man I am seriously looking forward to smoking Dunhill. For many many years I only smoked a couple different tobaccos regularly. And, it seems that Dunhill slipped by me. I have since joined in to a few forums on all things pipe and tobaccos and been hearing alot about the Dunhill family of tobaccos. Now I am looking to see what the fuss is about.

  • I was a late comer to Dunhill tobacco and missed all those years that pipesters enjoyed. But I did manage to get some vintage Dunhill and really liked most of their blends. I really like Nitecap but my favorite is Early Morning Pipe. I hope that CAO is not just blowing smoke that they will deliver the tobac in November. It will be welcomed. Regarding the imitations, they don’t get close and there are a few reviewers of these tobacs that speak highly of them. They are good but no substitute.

  • I have been ordering Dunhill from Europe for some time now and I find that the Orlik (the current maker of the brand) has done a fine job with some of the blends and a poor job with others. I enjoy Early Morning Pipe the most and I find it very close to the Murray’s edition. I have compared the two side by side and while I prefer Murray’s, the Orlik EMP is still quite good. The 965 however has a similar taste, but really lacks the body that made 965 the outstanding blend it was at one time.
    I would like to think that CAO is aware of the high demand that we will all have to deal with at the onset. I am hoping that this is what is causing the delay. It may be better for CAO to keep us waiting while building ample stock rather than have the American pipe smoker have to deal with the same type of nonsense that Gawith smokers are currently dealing with. CAO has one chance to make a good first impression. Hopefully Dunhill will be worth the wait.

  • Chris, that is my understanding, that they are trying to build ample stock, which is the reason for the delay.

  • I am beginning to wonder if Dunhill tobaccos are coming to the US. First they said August, then September, then late September or early October, Then late October, then late October or early November, then mid-November, now late November. I smell something fishy.

  • I would surely be interested so see if what all the anticipation is about is going to be close to what I expect in an English blend that sports the name ‘Dunhill’ and will probably be gravely disappointed if it’s not really close. I enjoyed the full line, ie. EMP, London Mixture, Standard Mixture Medium, 965, Nightcap.. even Aparatif and Durbar….. each having it’s own personality and nuance. With all this waiting and putting it off until a later date and more waiting, it better be good.. or this girls gonna be upset.. haha!

  • What are you all talking about when you say “COA”? I have no idea what that stands for? To stay on the subject, I am very much looking forward to the return just to see what this legendary tobacco actually tastes like? Think it might be, like most popular items, just a bit over rated.

  • Here in the UK we’ve had them for a few months but not Nightcap which I have to order from Germany. Whoever is running this show is doing a bizarre job of it!!