Which Peterson should I get?

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Feb 10, 2014
Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum, quite excited to become a part of this community!
So, I'm a cigarette smoker. I've smoked cigars and pipes in the past, but it has been years. I'm looking to get back into pipe smoking, and would really appreciate some insight and knowledge from all of you! I have a few pipes I'm choosing between and am looking to make my purchase ASAP. I was hoping some of you may have experience or some input about these pipes that could help me choose the right one. Here is my list:
All Peterson's...
Aran (XL90)

Fermoy (69)

System Standard (314)

Killarney (XL90)
I chose those 4 because of a few reasons. I really like the way they look, and I prefer the bent billiard shape. I've read exceptional things about Peterson and their pipes. I DO NOT want a filter in my pipe. These are all in my price range (under $130).
If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know! Like I stated earlier, I'm looking for a bent billiard style pipe, no filter, for under $130.
Thanks in advance for any information!



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Feb 10, 2014
Alright, cool! This is why 'm here asking questions...to make sure I can get a great pipe for the money I'm spending. What other suggestions would you have?? What are some good reputable companies that I should look into?



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Mar 1, 2013
First off, welcome to the forums!!!!
Savinelli, Stanwell, Butz Choquin, Brigham, and Trypis are all pipes I own and would recommend. They all produce many shapes and sizes and our forum sponsors (links to the left of the forum topics) usually have a good supply. You could spend hours just pouring over those manufacturers......trust me, I have :)
Good luck and let us know which one you eventually pull the trigger on. Uploading pics of your new pipe is kinda required :puffy:



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Feb 20, 2013
I will be the contrarian here. There have been a number of reports of some QC issues with Peterson over the last several years but I haven't personally experienced any of these. Peterson produces a large number of pipes so I don't if the percentage involved is significantly above the market norm or not. That being said, I have 6 Peterson's and they are all great smokes (except a 1940s Premier System 309 which is lackluster).
I think Peterson shapes are distinctive and if you like that chunky look, then there really isn't anything else quite like it. I would advise you to inspect the pipes carefully and use the pipe-cleaner test or at least, ask the online vendor like Smokingpipes to do so.
Personally, I don't like the lacquer-style pipes like the Fermoy or Killarney and the lacquer seems to cause overheating and blister the lacquer afterwards. I like System pipes and I think it's a very "Peterson" style of pipe but some people don't like the added cleaning of the well area. The Aran pipes are solid. In terms of the other lines in the price range, I've always though the Donegal Rockys were good pipes and the Wicklows are similar. Alot of the limited edition stuff like Draculas and St Patricks Day fit in that price range too.



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May 3, 2012
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
As other posters have mentioned in previous posts/threads re: "Peterson quality issues", you might want to look at older Petersons rather than new ones. I am particularly fond of Pete's system pipes, especially in the P-Lip versions and you should be able to find them as estate pipes from various members on Buy/Sell forum once you've been here for awhile, or from some of our sponsors or from EBay. Whichever pipe you decide upon, ask questions, the seller should answer them readily. Welcome to the forum and the quest for the perfect pipe.



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Aug 20, 2013
Seriously- already Peterson bashing??! I bought a Peterson System Standard last summer, and its been awesome, one of my favorite pipes. I was also given an ARAN for Christmas, also great BUT, I enjoy the system pipe so much more. Don't let the Peterson-Hate-wagon dissuade you. If you have questions about the pipe - and are looking to buy from smoking pipes - you'll find they have great staff to talk to about the specific pipe you're interested in.



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Oct 17, 2013
Honestly when your shooting in the $100 range then I think almost all companies are fairly equal. I have great smokers from Peterson, Stanwell, Savinelli, Lorenzetti, and Brigham all in that range. Not to mention pipes makers like Nording, Rattray, Ben Wade, Big Ben, Chacom, and many others. With a little shopping around you might be able to find sales, I got a $150 Brigham Chinook for $83 just by checking other shops. My advice would be not to focus on names but find first a shape and finish that appeals to you. Once you have that in mind you can start looking at names and prices. Looks at sites like Smokingpipes.com, 4noggins, and Cup 'O Joes for ideas on shapes, finishes, and names. Once you have that in mind then there is lots of good advise on what to look for in a pipe at the time of purchase, such as air hole placement, how to look for fills, etc.



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Sep 13, 2013
As I've said ad nauseam on this forum, I have many Peterson pipes in my collection, not a one of them has a flaw other than an acceptable tiny, well accomplished, fill or two. That said, I never purchase a pipe that I haven't fondled or stuffed a cleaner into. If you purchase pipes unseen through mail-order I would strongly suggest you only do so through a reputable dealer with a very liberal return policy. The members here can steer you to those dealers.
Now, the big difference and one you will have to wrestle with, is that smoking a pipe is very different from smoking a cigarette. Other than not inhaling the smoke, you will have to learn to slow down your smoking. Cigarette smokers tend to light it and smoke it. I know, I was a cigarette smoker for many years. It's a slower draw rather than a deep inhale. When I smoked pipes and cigarettes I used the fill and tamping stage to mentally change gears from the cigarettes to the pipe.



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May 10, 2013
I personally have found Peterson pipes of recent vintage to be of fantastic quality and great smokers. I think at the end of the day one of the best things about our hobby is that you can decide your own path and figure out what leads to the most enjoyment for you personally. Try to strike a balance between the opinions of the community and your own opinion.



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Mar 19, 2013

I've never experienced a quality problem with my new Petersons, and I'm a QA inspector. That said, I know that there have been some issues.
To start with I'd recommend a couple of Missouri Meerschaum cob pipes to see if you even like pipe smoking. They're inexpensive, so you can purchase two for a rotation, and save up for a briar pipe when you've decided that pipes are for you. I just recently bought a Savinelli Tortuga. It hasn't arrived yet, but I've heard good things about Savinelli. Good Luck!



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Jul 30, 2012
Well despite all the bad press they receive here (and most here are way more knowledgeable than I am, I just like smoking pipes), and having sold off many of my older Pete's, I broke down & bought a Peterson Kapp Royal (05) Fishtail the other day, should be here tomorrow. If it doesn't smoke well, I will hang it on the wall, I think it is a purty one. I guess opinions are like ear lobes, everyone has 2?

Good luck on your selection!!



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Jul 16, 2013
Whatever you get, you might consider ordering from an Irish or UK site as often the prices are half what we pay in the US.



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Feb 21, 2013
Here are my recommendations for what they're worth. I've had good luck with Petersons and no problem with the

laquer finish. One of my favorite Petersons is a Killarney Rhodesian 999 in a deep red stain. This particular pipe

has a P-Lip, my only one, but I find it satisfactory, but be sure to get the stem you want, Fishtail or P-Lip.
If you have been put off by suspicions about Peterson -- and I love my Petes as I have said -- and you want

an excellent smoking pipe for around $100, and do not want a filter, I highly recommend the Savenelli

Oscar Lucite series, none of which have filters. Many of the rest of the Savenelli line give you a balsa filter

with a plastic tube adapter if you don't want the filter, but I find that gives off some taste. The Oscar Lucite

pipes have no filter, but all of the quality of Savenelli. I have an Oscar Lucite prince and it is an excellent pipe,

but they also have a variety of other shapes. Take a look at these at Smokingpipes.com, and use their index

to go directly to Oscar Lucites, without having to look at hundreds of other pipes. Good luck.



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Apr 6, 2012
I have a few Petes with no issues or concerns.

Try to find a B&M to you can see the pipe your getting.



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Dec 14, 2013
I'm certainly not the one to give information as it applies to a pipe selection as I'm new to smoking pipes after having failed at it (my fault due to inexperience) about 30+ years ago. I'm also a cigarette smoker and decided to get back into smoking a pipe which I've been doing for several months or more.
I purchased two Savinelli pipes and am very pleased with them (price range of $70 to $80) along with several MM cobs. For some reason I decided that I just had to try out a Churchwarden pipe and purchased a Peterson @ $90.00. Now I certainly cannot make a true evaluated feedback on Peterson pipes seeing that I only have this one, but the one I have is a total piece of crap. It gurgles like an aquarium, the stem bore is next to impossible to pass a pipe cleaner through, and the stem tenon is off center with the mortise leaving a very noticeable gap. It's just my fault that I did not notice this before I smoked it as otherwise I would have promptly returned it. I can fully understand that massed produced pipes will on occasion spit out a faulty one, but at $90.00 is something I can't forgive. Don't get me wrong as Peterson pipes have a very good reputation and I'm sure that they certainly well deserve it after all of these many years, but suffice to say I'll never purchase another one given their lack of due diligence in inspecting them before being sold.



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Mar 7, 2012
Sunset Beach NC
Where do you guys buy your Peterson "dogs"? Surely most retailers and e-tailers have to have some sort of initial QC before they just pass on mere pieces of wood to the end user. All factories produce some percentage of not-quite-spot-on items.

Most bent Petersons will not pass a cleaner, and the ones that I owned and did were not agreeing with my smoking style so they moved off the rack.
To answer the OP, if I were to select from the 4 choices, I would choose the Aran XL90. System pipes are lovely but not a good first choice. If you get one in the future, make sure it's a P-Lip as the Fishtail stem doesn't quite work with the System ( at least for me ). I would pass on the Killarney and Fermoy since they have the lacquer overlay which requires a lot more babysitting.



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Feb 20, 2013
I have a lovely estate 302 looking for a home if you like large bowls....



Jun 26, 2013
I recently purchased the Peterson Standard System 302. I don't quite know where all the Peterson 'hate' is coming from, I haven't had or heard of first hand about a bad experience with thier pipes. I would also recommend purchasing a few Missouri Meershaums (corn cobs) to use when trying any new tobac (the MMs start around $3 and smoke quite well).



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Nov 30, 2013
hertford nc
Out of three petersons I have only one that I don't like. AND that's only because the bowl is to small. Peterson offsets their hole in the bowl as a design that everybody calls a defect. It says so right on their site that its on purpose, and I add I have seen this on other high end pipes as well.
Buy what you like is my best advice. Every body's taste is different.