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Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
Well Chicago was a blast. People are still there enjoying the show and will be into the post-show tomorrow. I however, have come home and ready to post up all the wonderful delights I came home with. I'll show the tobacco, and then the pipes, but first -- The Weather!
It rained something fierce today. I was in the tent smoking some Westminster before the competition and reading my book in one of the comfy chairs, when suddenly I found myself praying the tent would last long enough for the competition to even happen!

But onto the pipes. I showed up Saturday, and knowing I would get at least the competition pipe the next day, with the possibility for a second if I did well enough, I tried to not buy any. Fortunately, were giving away cobs!

But then I showed up today, and within 20 minutes had two new pipes. Not only were they good deals and I really liked them, but I began to realize I probably wouldn't walk away from the competition with a prize pipe, so I went for some purchases instead. First is a Lorenzo from about the 70s. It was unsmoked (until today) but had been stashed away for quite some time. I got it for $20. I am very excited about this guy, love the shape and the darker shade.

Next is a Capri Churchwarden. This is their "Headmaster" but was in their Scratched or Otherwise tainted bucket. Turns out the only blemish on this one is that the stamp was wrong. It reads "Head Master" instead of "Headmaster".....and I know, the respelling actually portrays a completely different connotation, but we're going to move beyond that potential wealth of cock jokes. I am happy with this $70 pipe that I got for $30 anyway!

And lastly, the competition pipe. I really like this and am happy to continue a tradition amongst my friends and I of bringing home at least one Genod every year. I timed in at 50:14, and got a free tin as prize (to be discussed soon). This was two minutes better than my time last year. I am not sure what place I got, as they were sort of rushing the prize ceremony due to the number of contestants.

Now onto tobacco, lets start with my competition prize. A new Hearth and Home Latakia blend: Cerberus.

Next, I was super happy to find some Mephisto. I always seek out any of the lost Syrian GLP blends, and was happy to find this one. Sadly there is a very small rust spot on the bottom and it sounds pretty dried out on the inside. But, that fortunately meant I picked the tin up for $10.

Next, one of GLP's LOTR blends for NASPC. 2002's Southlinch.

Then from the silent auction I got a C&D pack for $42:

And finally, I was most pleased when I grabbed the last of the open GLP blends that C&D was sampling. They gave me all 6 for $10, a HUGE BARGAIN! I am still doing the happy dance in my head. Here they are with a couple open pics so you can see how amazing of a deal this truly was.

And don't forget the tradition of picking up the new T-Shirt:

And check out what Winton got Here .




Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2010
No kidding , sounds like a great time!! I may HAVE to show up to vegas now.

Apr 16, 2012
Well done sir! Seems like you had a blast! I especially like that Capri Churchwarden. My first pipe was a Capri and it still impresses me to this day with the way it smokes.



Preferred Member
Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
Dude, your cat is awesome. He pretends he's smoking the pipe on your t-shirt :D

Was great to meet you in the smoking tent, hope to see you again next year!



Mar 24, 2012
I looked at that very Capri! The black blast one as well. The blast was pinched and wouldn't pass a cleaner... Kinda a killer on a churchwarden :? Anyway, great post. I plan to spend some time with a pipe tonight putting together a show report too. I couldn't stay long enough to take advantage of the C&D end of show sample blowout - really glad one of my "brothers" did! Congrats.



Preferred Member
May 29, 2011
That's a great haul, sound like it was a great event. Gonna have to add that to my bucket list.



Dec 24, 2010
I managed not to buy a new pipe...

But I still traded for some!
The best was an unsmoked Rinaldo Blasted Hawkbill w/ a silver band. I had to trade my trusty Castello KK Sea Rock Lovat, but I've heard great things about Rinaldo pipes.
I also set the ground work to obtain a morta poker. More on that as things develop...



Preferred Member
Jul 13, 2010
Morta is bog oak, right? I've been really intrigued by the whole concept of bog oak and how it differs from traditional briar. Let us know if your deal works out...



Senior Member
Apr 20, 2011
Well done, sir! I am counting the days for the West Coast Pipe Show to return to Vegas in the Fall! We get to smoke indoors! :P



Preferred Member
Oct 5, 2010
Yea, that C&D "blow-out" is fantastic if you are there at the end of the Sunday Show. What? no Captain Bob's Blend left over???




Preferred Member
Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
May have been, I just wanted the Pease. Plus, at that point I only had 11 bucks in my pocket, so when I talked them into 10 for the 6, wasn't about to try to add any more.



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May 10, 2009
You did very well. Congratulations. Thank God that the tent held up (It is a very expensive and high quality tent) and that the contest was not rained out. Craig



Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Anthony, it was great meeting you and hanging out, both on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you again and smoking. You got a great score, and that is funny with the cat smoking the pipe on the shirt.
I'm sending that photo to Sykes, the owner of His wife is a cat nut, and they have 5 cats.